Mozilla Acquires Pocket for "Read After" Service

Mozilla, which provides an Internet browser "Firefox", is known as "read later"PocketWe acquired that we will acquire. Mozilla will do the first strategic acquisition.

Taking Pocket Further with Mozilla «Pocket Blog

Mozilla Acquires Pocket | The Mozilla Blog

Pocket is a service that stores web contents such as articles and movies and can view contents saved offline from devices you like at a later time. You can understand exactly what kind of service it is by reading the following article.

I tried to defeat the service "Pocket" Japanese version which makes "read later" convenient - GIGAZINE

Mozilla has decided to purchase Pocket undisclosed amount, and after acquisition it will be a Mozilla subsidiary. Pocket's operation will be continued with Mr. Nate Winer, founder of Pocket, and 25 employees. Recode reported this fact that although Pocket's monthly active users reached 10 million people in 2007, it is still niche compared to the "leading list" that Facebook and Apple provides in the platform It is said that it is a service.

Already"Firefox 38.0.5" Pocket button "is integrated in the browserIt is registered and can be registered in Pocket with Firefox account, but after buying it is a concern as to what kind of browsers it will work with.

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