Boston · Dynamics' robot "Handle" jumps brilliantly and carries 45 kg of baggage and it turns out that snowy road can run without difficulty

It was acquired by Google in 2013Boston · DynamicsRunning eerily "BigDog"Even if kicked it will not collapse"Spot"Robot research and development companies. From this Boston Dynamics a new robot "Handle"Has been announced, and movies carrying 45 kg of baggage, walking down the stairs and running along the snow road are released.

Introducing Handle - YouTube

Handle was held beforeThe robot that appeared at the recitalThe official version of the robot. A figure running around while bending the leg looks like a human being sliding on an ice skate. The maximum speed is about 14.5 km.

Even if the center of gravity is extremely lowered, you can see that you have a tremendous sense of balance when you see where you slide without falling over.

Handle which ran from the left to the right.

Only the left foot passes over the slope ......


As soon as only the right foot passes over the slope, it will not break the balance.

I landed safely as if nothing had happened.

Standing in front of a basket containing a weight of 100 pounds (about 45 kg) this time ......

Lift the load with the arm.

Even if you have 45 kg of baggage, you can run without slowing down the speed.

Handle running from near the door towards the stairs.

Instead of going down one step at a time, the running speed goes down the stairs so that it can run through as it is.

There is no problem on the slope where snow was piled up.

Running from the right toward the red obstacle ... ...

Jump as it is.

Handle decides firmly without overturning landing. The height that can jump up to 1.2 m.

Next time you jump ... ...

Landing on an obstacle.

It was Handle that showed surprisingly smooth operation.

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