28 services that can search for photos that can be used for free websites and blogs Summary

There are many stock photography services that handle free photo materials, not only personal use but also those that can be used for commercial use, and photographs that can be used completely free without credit notation. Stock photo services of various genresSocial Media TodayThere are various features of photographs handled by the search service, such as photographs of the level which can be called "works" photographed by photographers, pictures specialized for food, vintage photographs, fashion related to fashion etc. Even just watching it, you can enjoy it.

28 Places to Download Free Images for Websites and Blogs | Social Media Today

◆ 01:Pixabay

Pixabay does not belong to anyone for intellectual property rightsPublic domainAn image search site that allows you to browse and download images of images. In the past GIGAZINE has posted the article in the following form.

High-quality image search site "Pixabay" that can be used completely free of commercial or non-commercial use - GIGAZINE

◆ 02:Unsplash

Unsplash is a service that made it possible to search high-resolution images posted 10 times a day from keywords. The downloaded images are also available for commercial use.

How is Unsplash being managed? It is possible to read from the following article.

How much is the operation cost of "Unsplash" which can download free high-quality pictures? - GIGAZINE

◆ 03:Creative Commons

Creative CommonsCreative Commons LicenseIt is a collective term for international nonprofit organizations and their projects that provide (CC license). Web On the above site, you can search images of CC licenses from Flickr, Wikipedia Commons, Google etc, and you can search only images that can be modified / commercial use.

◆ 04:Public domain archive

A public domain archive also allows you to search for images with no intellectual property rights or disappearance. So you can use it completely freely.

◆ 05:Flickr: Creative Commons

A page that allows you to search only the photos of CC license among Flickr image search service. Because photographs prohibit commercial use or require credit inscription, let's check the license of each material when using.

◆ 06:SplitShire

SplitShire is a collection of free stock photographs available for commercial use. As you can see from the top page, we are specialized in photographs of fairly high quality & fashionable atmosphere. There were movies that you can use for free.

◆ 07:Gratisography

All photos of GratisographyRyan McGuireThings taken by Mr. Regardless of commercial use or personal use, the form of the license is "CC0It is forbidden to redistribute it on another free stock photo site or use it for pornography while setting it close to ".

◆ 08:PDPics.com

PDPics.com also handles public domain photos. All the photos are taken by photographers belonging to the company.

◆ 09:StockSnap.io

All the photos in StockSnap.io are alsoCC0That is, the photographer said "I do not possess any right". High-quality pictures are added every week.

◆ 10:Magdeleine

Though the picture of Magdeleine is also CC0, it is necessary to post an acknowledgment to the author and credits.

◆ 11:Good Free Photos

Good Free Photos has photographs, images, clip art, vector images, etc. of the public domain of 11,750 copies at the time of article creation.

◆ 12:Freerange Stock

Freerange Stock is also a service that can search for personal use and commercial available pictures for free. The photograph is that which was photographed by the photographer belonging to Freerange Stock, archives, and other things donated by the photo community.


PICKUP IMAGE deals with all photographs in the public domain. Therefore, it is possible to freely copy, modify, redistribute, commercial use. Pictures of PICKUP IMAGE tooPhotographers belonging to the serviceIt is filmed by.

◆ 14:Photogen

It is Photogen that collects photographs that can be used for free and for personal use. However, resale, redistribution, etc. can not be done. Although it is a high-quality photo, it may be more "photograph that conveys information" than "a picture with atmosphere".

◆ 15:Skitterphoto

Photos that can be searched with Skitterphoto are those of CC0 license. Although you can freely modify and use for commercial use, it is a feeling that a wide variety of images are intermingled rather than having "a picture selected out with high image quality".

◆ 16:Free high resolution photography

Free high resolution photography deals with free photographs with no copyright restrictions photographed by talented photographers. A picture of the level which one piece can be called "work" is added every week.

◆ 17:Pexels

All pictures of Pexels are also CC0 licensed. The only restriction on use is "Do not use it for the purpose of attacking discriminable people reflected in the photograph".

◆ 18:Morguefile

Morguefile is searchable from more than 350,000 stock photos. Photographs can be modified or commercial use, but selling, redistributing, licensing, renting, etc. of unmodified photos is prohibited. In addition, credits are required when using it without modification.

◆ 19:1 million free pictures

All the pictures with 1 million free pictures are in the public domain, but it is forbidden to make galleries of another public domain using 1 million free pictures. The search method is somewhat special, and instead of displaying pictures one by one when searching for keywords, blog pages with photos organized by theme are supposed to be displayed.

◆ 20:NegativeSpace

"Space between objects" in art terms "Negative spaceIt refers to the part that people do not recognize, the part that does not focus, but the platform made by saying that the work of photographers who are negative spaces can shine is the Negative space . High resolution and beautiful pictures of CC0 license photographed by photographers are searchable.

◆ 21:Picjumbo

It is picjumbo that you can download over 800 free photo materials for free. Pictures can be used for commercial purposes and no credit is required. There is also a paid plan for getting more pictures.

◆ 22:Freestocks.org

The category of freestocks.org includes "animal" "city & amp; architecture" as well as "fashion" "nature", etc. As you see, there were many pictures of "cute", "pretty" and "fashionable" atmosphere. The license is CC0.

◆ 23:Freemagebank.com

Free photos of freemagebank.com are also available for private use and commercial use, but prohibition of redistribution etc.,Certain restrictionsAlso exists. Besides pictures there were illustrations, etc.

◆ 24:New Old Stock

New Old Stock allows you to download vintage photos collected from public archives. Individual use is free, but there seems to be some things that are not available for commercial use, so in order to use it it is necessary to check the license of each material.

◆ 25:Free Refe Real Life Photos

Free Refe Real Life Photos is a series of photos that seems to have cut off a picture of people's lives. Pictures are available for personal use and commercial use.

◆ 26:Jay mantri

Jay mantri's picture is also CC0 license. Landscape photos of calm atmosphere were lining up.

◆ 27:Foodies Feed

Foodies Feed specialized high-resolution photo search service for food. Categories are unique, such as "Coffee & Drink" "Meat & Fish" "Exiotic cuisine". The number of photograph holdings is 1000 or more, and personal use and commercial use are possible.

◆ 28:Shutteroo

Shutteroo is collecting photos that can be used without credit, regardless of personal use or commercial use. It is OK to use it on a blog or print it on a mug, but selling and redistribution is prohibited. Pictures are divided according to unique themes such as "NATURE TEXTURES" "HOTEL ROMANCE" "TAKE ME HOME".

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