Google · Microsoft agrees to anti-piracy agreement to cope with pirated content not going higher in search engines


When searching movie titles and song titles by Google or Microsoft bing, in addition to the official website of artists and artists, there are few people saying "It's a site uploading pirated photos?" I think that is experienced. In order to reduce this situation, the world's first 'anti-piracy agreement' was tied by Google and Microsoft talks sponsored by a British intellectual property office (IPO) with a film company, a record company, etc. From the search result It was decided to rank down pirated sites.

Creative industries and search engines partner to reduce piracy

Google and Microsoft agree crackdown on illegal downloads

Search Engines and Rightsholders Sign Landmark Anti-Piracy Deal - TorrentFreak

During the effort, Google and Microsoft optimize search engine algorithms and processes, respectively, so that pirated websites are not found much, while formal content is easier to find. The target "pirated website" here means that it is a site that has been notified of copyright infringement many times.

Also, it seems that terms that may lead to pirate website will be excluded from the auto complete function that automatically supplements the search phrase that the user is seeking.

Search using autocomplete - Web search help

Eddie Levitin of Intellectual Property Union said, "This should bring about a quick and effective ranking down of pirated websites, which will better pick up legal content and lead to increased rewards for artists and creators "I said.

Measures will be effective on June 1, 2017. Since it is targeted to the UK, it seems that the contents of the search result will not change in other countries.

Jeff Taylor, CEO of the UK Record Industry Association, has long been urging search engines to "go to legitimate content rather than illegal content", so this measure is "a magic bullet" Although it is thought that it is impossible, "It is highly likely that fans will find the right site by quickly disappearing from the search results as pirated website."

However, it only lowers the ranking and it is not saying "to completely delete the pirated website from search results".

About 15% (about 6.7 million) of British Internet users are accessing pirated movies, music, books, and other online resources, according to IPO survey. According to statistics from March to May 2016, 24 million people accessed pirated movies, 27 million people who accessed pirated TV programs, and 78 million people who accessed pirated music. However, as the legitimate streaming service spreads, the proportion of users is decreasing.

While Google claims that traffic to pirated websites is not the primary cause of search engines, 74% of those who access pirated editions at IPO announced that they used search engines.

By the way, according to TorrentFreak of a news site that is familiar with pirated version etc., the top of "movies on which the most piracy is downloaded" as of February 20, 2017 is "Doctor · Strange" · "Moana and legendary sea" · "Message" It is said that.

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