"Darjeeling that is too graceful" "Duche with pasta looks delicious" "Sexy Akiyama-dono" Garpan figures of individuality grouping together

The first chapter of the series final chapter is scheduled to be released in December 2017 "Girls und Panzer". The TV series will be finished in 2013 and the movie version will be released in 2015, but it seems to be still strongly popularWonder Festival 2017 [Winter]At the venue of the venue there were more girls & panzer related figures being displayed as more than the most recently talked animation and games were exhibited.

Wonder Festival | Wonder Festival

◆ Girls & Panzer related figures seen at the commercial booth
First off from the commercial booth.Ques QThe 1/7 scale "Darjeeling" found at the booth. Production of prototype is Miuru Mr., coloring production is ei, price will be released at August 2017 with tax of 12,800 yen.

Darjeeling graciously enjoying tea

It is the quality of a masterpiece from any angle.

The 1/7 scale "West living Hata Warrior National High School Student Competition Winning Flag Ver." Is currently under construction and coloring is not over. The prototype production is Mr. Aki Ryu, both price and release date are undecided.

Looking up, this way.

The winning flag flutters like a real cloth.

Bandai HobbyAt the booth, I found the "Girls & Panzer theater version" figure of the Puchuha Rice Series.

Pucha raiseu "Miho" is currently under development, and both the release date and price are undecided. The kit has become possible to change dress uniforms and Panzer jackets.

"Yuhana ri (left)" and "Saori (right)" are also under development, which is undefined for both release date and price.

"Puerta Ruizu's" Hua (left) "and" Asako (right) "are also under development, and the release date and price are undecided.

this isDimorut Bene"Anchovy" that was exhibited in the booth. Mr. Ikriie is the prototype production, and the coloring is Yamana Mori. It is scheduled to be released late September 2017, the price is yet to be determined.

Looking up it is like this.

Wherever you look it is Duce.

Pasta's dynamism is not hemispherical, it was a figure that seems to start moving as it is.

BanprestoBooth's "Most Prejuined Premium Girls & Panzer Theatrical Version ~ Tank Road is a Maiden 's Toshi Nami ~". The breakdown of the lottery is the 11th grade 27 kinds + the last one chapter, it becomes a lot at 830 yen including tax once.

A prize is "Oarai girls' school West living Hiba Chibikyun kyara & tank set"

B prize "St. Gloriana Girls' Academy Darjeeling Chibi Character & Tank Set"

C prize "Sanders University High School Kay Chibi Character & Tank Set"

D prize "Anzio High School Anchovy Chibi Character & Tank Set"

E prize "Pravda high school headband Chibikyun kyara & tank set"

The F prize is "Kuromori Megane Gakuen West Resident Hachibikyun Character & Tank Set"

The G prize is "Chiba Monogakuen Nishi Silkyo Chibikun Character & Tank Set"

H prize "Continental High School Mika Chibikun Kyara & Tank Set"

I prize "University selection team Team Shimada Atsushi Chibikun character & tank set"

Sega PrizeTo the booth, from the Girls & Panzer movie version premium summer beach figure "Yuka Akiyama". The prototype production is bronze CIRCUS, which is scheduled to appear in April 2017.

Also a premium summer beach figure of Girls & Panzer Theater version "West living". The prototype production will be bronze CIRCUS, coloring production will be Mr. Sakura, will appear in May 2017.

Girls & Panzer Theater version premium summer beach figure "Darjeeling". Prototype production is scheduled to appear in June 2017, Mr. Yukio Okumura.

Girls & Panzer Theater version premium summer beach figure "West residence". The prototype production was bronze CIRCUS, now being supervised, so it was a reference exhibit.

Girls & Panzer Theater version premium summer beach figure "Mika". Mr. Yukio Okumura, prototype production, was also currently supervised, so it was a reference exhibit.

◆ Girls & Panzer related figures seen at the general booth
5-04-10 "Ringo FederationThree of the turtle teams appeared from. Yoshiko Oyama (1 million yen) on the 1/8 scale is resale, although it was released in one festival of the summer of 2016 ... ...

As 1/8 scale "Kamiya Ann" (9000 yen) as a new work ... ...

1/8 scale 'Kawashima Momo' (10,000 yen) appeared.

5-30-02 "Omega"Akiyama Yuana's Swimsuit Ver" (6000 yen) from a new work

Posing sexy

4-19-02 "S-MIST"1/5 scale" West residence ho (swimsuit ver.) "(10,000 yen)

While also posing, the 1/5 scale and size are quite large.

Also on 1/5 scale "Shimada Ariyoshi (bathing suit ver.)" (10,000 yen)


What I have in my hand is Boko's Boko.

5-12-01 "T's system", 1/6 size" Mika "(13,000 yen)

Micah in a mysterious atmosphere somewhere is well reproduced in figures.

1/6 size "Darjeeling"

This is also three-dimensionalized with trademark tea in hand.

From another angle. It is very real until the skirt drips.

6-27-10 "IRM 3"1/7 Arisa Shimada Kotobuki swimsuit ver" (5000 yen)

It is also three-dimensionalized with Boko's Boko being held here.

6-21-05 "Hermit Crab"Mika" (11,000 yen)

The jersey's chest part contains the school chapter of the continuing high school.

6-23-02 "Mel BoxShimada Ariyoshi "(8000 yen)

6-12-09 "Amie Gran"Rose hip" (8000 yen) of 1/8 scale (total height 21 cm) I found. The prototype production is Gen. Arye.

And "Peperoni & Carpaccio Lunch Set" (tax not included 12,000 yen). Prototype production is Captain Aso meter, total height 19.5 cm.

6-11-10 "POLY-TOYS"1/20 West living house" (3000 yen)

"1/20 anchovies" (3000 yen)

"1/20 Darjeeling" (5000 yen)

"1/20 Rose Hip" (3000 yen)

8-24-03 "Stubborn pro completion"Elisha is not even uncircumcised" (8000 yen)

Rare figure that Erika Erika who is a deputy captain of Kuro Mori Moge Gakuen is shouldering a headband

Certainly it seems to me that it looks like she is not even alike from Erica's expression.

7-08-11 "Bronze CIRCUS"1/9 scale" Darjeeling A "

Darjeeling I saw a lot in commercial and in general. Darjeeling was the softest atmosphere among them.

1/9 scale "Anchovy C"

This is a cheerful Duce.

1/9 scale "Kurra"

Crisp and cold.

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