It is pointed out that the US military calculates the number of air strikes in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan to be less

ByMike Reeder

In the Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, the US Air Force has killed many combatants by air striking an organization called "Islamic State (IS, Islamic State)", Al Qaeda and Taliban. However, there are thousands of aerial bombings (air raids) that are not included in figures that have been officially announced so far, a news site dealing with military topics ·Military TimesPointed out.

The U.S. military's stats on deadly airstrikes are wrong. Thousands have gone unreported

The US Air Force publishes reports on monthly sortie counts, air transit times, airborne goods and personnel amounts, and so on.

Airpower Summaries

For example(PDF file)Report for January 31, 2017It is kore.

On the first page, what kind of things are doing in the current "Iraq and Syria" innate decision-making operation ", Afghanistan's" solid support "&" freedom keeper strategy " An overview is stated.

The second page reports on activities in Afghanistan. The upper left column shows "number of sorties" and "number of sorties using weapons even with even one", the upper right column shows the number of weapons used, the lower column shows the number of air transportation, the number of air transportation, the number of air transportation personnel, the number of injuries It shows the number of relief sorties and so on.

The third page reports on activities in Iraq and Syria. Since the strategy began in August 2014, there are no previous reports.

In the Military Times, based on information from parliament and allied countries, military critic, academic researcher, media, independent monitoring group, etc. In Afghanistan, for example, there were 456 bombing campaigns not recorded in 2016 I found out that. This type of bombing outside the record was done by an attack helicopter or an armed drone operated by the US Army.

Although the total number of air strikes in Iraq and Syria is about 27,340 in the Air Force data, the Department of Defense posted "17,861 times" on the list and there were no air strikes of about 6000 times It is. When the Department of Defense renews information on Islamic state and al Qaeda, Military Times points out that data with a low number of times is quoted.

According to the military official who answered the question of Military Times subject to anonymity, certainlyAH-64 ApacheIt is said that no attacks were recorded. However, this official said that it was not just about trying to hide the numbers, but what we calculated in the past in such a way has just been taken over.

Another military official explained that this is not included in the "bombing" if the AH - 64 Apache made an approaching battle with the enemy as support for ground troops.

In addition, another military official said the army 's fuselage is not under the command line of the Air Force, so it is not included in the data released by the Air Force. However, it seems that there was no answer for the part "Why does the Army not disclose that number?"

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