Will Google develop tools to use machine learning and artificial intelligence at Raspberry Pi

Google asks the Maker community such as developers / creators to develop what smart tools should be developedquestionnaireIs carried out. The Raspberry Pi Foundation also calls for blog reply to Google's survey so that tools that can use Google machine learning and artificial intelligence technology available at Raspberry Pi will be developed.

Help Google develop tools for Raspberry Pi - Raspberry Pi

Google brings AI to Raspberry Pi - BBC News

Google has developed superior tools in various fields such as machine learning, IoT, wearable device, robot, home automation and so on. In 2017, Google plans to develop smart tools for a smaller developer / producer community, and actually asked the Maker community "What tools are most useful for developers" questionnaire We are doing. In the questionnaire, tools that use AI / machine learning such as "face / emotion recognition", "Speech-to-Text", "natural language processing", "sentiment analysis" are cited as examples.

ByDanny Chamorro

A Google spokeswoman commented to BBC, "There is not details that can be announced at this time, but in 2017 I would like to provide more machine learning tools open source for the community." It is. Eben Upton, founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation also said, "I can not hide the excitement that Google 's DeepMind machine learning tool can connect to Raspberry Pi, It will be possible to produce devices. "

Specifically, Google did not decide to develop smart tools for Raspberry Pi, but Raspberry Pi has sold over 10 million units worldwide so far, it is said to be the mainstream of the Maker community. Raspberry Pi Foundation responds to Google's questionnaire as saying, "In addition to becoming more exciting about the Raspberry Pi community, it also creates the services and tools that the entire Maker community needs."

Since it is said that it takes about 5 minutes for Google's questionnaire to answer, those who are interested may be able to use the tool that you want if answering from below.

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