A movie of a giant crocodile that is more than 4 meters like a dinosaur walking about walking

A spectacle of astonishment that the largest super colossal crocodile in the history of America exceeding the body length of 4 meters gently walks in the nature reserve in Florida province was filmed.

Monster Alligator Spotted In Florida Could Set New Record

You can see how the gigantic crocodile walks like a mistake for dinosaurs from the following movies.

Video Shows Massive Alligator In Lakeland - YouTube

Kim Joiner, who visited the Florida nature reserve "Circle B Bar Reserve", noticed the huge crocodile, photographed with a smartphone and uploaded it to Facebook. At first glance it seems they are only shooting some tourists ... ...

Crocodiles like sleighs and dinosaurs emerge from the grass on the right hand.

There is no appearance of attacking humans at all, the movement is badly slow, and even if it crosses the road, not all body which is too big can be seen ... ...

I trimmed my long tail and disappeared into the grass. According to the story of the local people, this giant crocodile has been confirmed for several years ago, and it was bent with that giant, although the movie was said to be "spread and fake." From the back it is attached to the nickname "Big Humpback". The maximum record of the giant crocodile found in the United States is 14.2 feet (about 4.3 m), but the Big Humpback is seen as being 14 feet to 15 ft, possibility to update the maximum record of alligators in the USA There is also that.

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