Will the George Lucas museum go around the construction site and turn three turns, will it be completed?

George Lucas, the creator of the movie 'Star Wars', is a museum that houses his own artworkLucas Museum of Narrative Art"Although it is clear that we will establish the planned site of construction even in 2017 when nearly three years have passed since the announcement of the concept in 2014. Is it really the day when the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art will be built? If you look at the circumstances so far, one fear of anxiety will cease.

George Lucas Can not Give His $ 1.5 Billion Museum Away - Bloomberg

After selling his own Lucas film to Disney, Mr. Lucas announced the construction of a museum exhibiting art work he gathered. The construction cost, donation money, the price of the artworks to be held, etc. are all summed up to be $ 1.5 billion (about 174.6 billion yen), but all that is supposed to be borne by Mr. Lucas. The original planned construction site was proceeded with Presidio of the national park at the northern end of San Francisco. Presidio was a perfect location for Mr. Lucas to build a museum, as a new studio in Lucasfilm opened in 2005.

However, Mr. Lucas says "I want to make it an iconic design like Sydney's Opera House and the Spanish Bilbao and Guggenheim Museum of Art" and Mr. Lucas and "I want to preserve the landscape of the Golden Gate Bridge visible from the park"The Presidio TrsutNegotiations with Nikko did not go well, eventually deciding to build in Chicago, not San Francisco. Mr. Lucas said that he did not comply with the construction guidelines in the national park, Mr. Lucas refused the request from The Presidio Trsut "I would like you to show exhibits in advance", and there were various problems is.

On 24th June 2014 Mr. Lucas said that the construction site of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art became Chicago instead of San FranciscoAnnouncementDid. Chicago prepared and attracted 17 acres (approximately 68,800 square meters) of land in the south of NFL 's "Soldier Field" ball park, and Lucas accepted this. Along with the decision of the construction site, Mr. Lucas carried out the design competition of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art and adopted the plan of the architect Mr. Ma Yansong.

A completion prediction drawing planned for construction in Chicago. A conical building is ingenious.

Introducing the cutting-edge design concept for the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. Featuring an observation deck with ...

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However, Lucas announced on June 24, 2016 to change the construction site from Chicago. The change from Chicago is caused by Mr. Lucas complaining that Chicago Park Protection Organization "Friends of the Parks" said that "the construction of the museum violates the park development guidelines."

Los Angeles and San Francisco are currently listed as candidate for construction as a planned construction site that returned to a blank sheet again. Los Angeles suggested Mr. Lucas the Exposition Park where the Natural History Museum is located, and mayor Eric Garzetti said, "We are ready for the invitation and will be completed without construction delay." San Francisco proposes land of Treasure Island which can overlook the city. The treasure island is under the control of the city, not the federal government, so that the construction plan will not go as difficult as it was for Presidio. Economic newspaper Bloomberg predicts that San Francisco with Lucasfilter is more dominant than Los Angeles.

On October 27, 2016 the completion projection of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in Los Angeles and San FranciscoReleaseIt was done. The design is supposed to be handled by Mr. Ma Urimatsu as planned in Chicago.

A projected completion diagram of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in Los Angeles.

A completed projection of San Francisco.

Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, the construction site has been changed one after another and construction has not started yet, but it is definitely noticed as a new tourist destination if completed. As a Star Wars fan, I just pray that it will be completed safely.

◆ 2017/01/12 postscript
The construction site of Lucas Museum of Narrative Art was decided to Los Angeles.

George Lucas museum coming to Los Angeles - CNN.com

While both the Los Angeles and San Francisco candidates were attractive and difficult to select, "The location suggested in South Los Angeles has a great influence on the surrounding communities and meets our goal. The position park will play the role of a magnet attracting neighboring towns ".

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