"Science video pavilion" to digitize and archive valuable recording film destined to fade away

In the Showa era, Japan's advanced development period has been supported by various technologies and knowledge of the predecessors. We are promoting the archiving of images capturing the scenery and techniques at that time in a clear way and publishing on the Internet "Science Picture Museum"As of December 2016, it has become possible for anyone to view more than 800 valuable images.

Science Picture Museum

This site is operated by the NPO corporation "Supporting Science Picture Museum", which is a valuable film image containing technology and knowledge, so-called "Science filmEfforts are under way to digitize it and publish it to the public in general.

The genres of the images contained are various from "Education" "Nature" "Animals" to "Medicine · Medicine" "Food Science" "Industry · Industry", "Agriculture · Fishery · Life" For each genre, the old figure that is no longer seen now is digitally archived from film.

One of the popular works among them is the picture "68 wheels". It is a work produced by the video production company "Tokyo Cinema" in 1965, the state of transporting the ultra-large transformer weighing as much as 280 tons as a finished product with a dedicated trailer made by Nippon Express was recorded at a glance It is. The place where you can not miss the original landscape of Japan in the mid-Showa era, which appears everywhere in the image.

68 Wheels Tokyo Cinema Production - YouTube

In addition, there was also a video that contained the figure of the giant tanker "Nichire Maru" that Idemitsu owned and operated. Although the novel became a hit and it became a movie, it became a model of "Nissho Maru" which is the second generation of Nagoromaru of the generation of five generations, but this work contains 3 It is becoming the generation's Nichinomaru.

Hinomaru Maru Tokyo Cinema Production - YouTube

Moreover, not only the content related to the industry but also the work which contained the state of the time like "women and kimono" below. These images are destined to decay as it is when left untouched without doing anything.

Women and Kimono WOMEN IN KIMONO Koga Production Production - YouTube

Films which became the source of the video were gathered from a video production company such as "Tokyo Cinema", stakeholders at the time, affiliated companies and others. The original media is an analog medium such as 35 mm negative film, and it seems that they are doing digitization and archiving by professionals using the donation money and others gathered by the NPO corporation as a financial source.

The videos that are stored are quite diverse. "Birth of life" digitized as the first step of the project was a 17-minute image produced in 1963, "A scalpel was taken out from a fertilized egg of a chicken, cultured in a glass container and its growth, Drawing the moving event of the birth of life by observing while taking advantage of microscope slow speed photographing ". (You may need to install the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in if you want to play the video in the browser)

Life birth | Delivery movie | Science video museum

We also archive footage containing production technology of "aluminum" indispensable for modern industries.

Birth of aluminum | Delivery film | Science video museum

It is also a wonderful place to see YS - 11 aircraft developed as' domestic aircraft for the first time after the war 'and works that showed the appearance of Japan' s world - class Shinkansen.

YS-11 New Japanese Wings | Delivery Movie | Science Picture Museum

I am also interested in not only science and technology but also those that captured the situation in Japan occupied after the defeat.

Walk Promotion | Delivery Movie | Science Picture Museum

By the way, the top ten viewing time of delivery movies since its establishment is said to be as follows.

The following is the extended viewing time (minutes) of distribution movies since its creation Top 10

"Great East Japan great earthquake tsunami" 3,013,738 (10%)
"68 wheels" Tokyo Cinema 1965 Production 2,833,557 (9.6%)
"A beautiful country land that births" Tokyo Cinema ...

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In this way, at the science video pavilion, everyone can freely view valuable pictures freely and free, but it is also a matter of course that there is a cost in there. Because we are seeking donations widely in the same building, people who find value in their efforts and who can approve of the idea of ​​the same museum may consider considering support.

Science Picture Museum Donation | Science Picture Museum

These valuable images are digitized ones that are either stored in the warehouse or the playback device itself has disappeared and anyone can not see it. In the actual work, it is said that various evolution and changes have been added following the era, such as digitizing the original 16 mm film with SD image quality and later digitizing with high definition image quality, and so on ofPages that introduced episodesThe commentary is also interesting so I must read it.

Numerous videos can be played on the site of the science video museum as well as on the YouTube channel of Mr. Masayoshi Kumekawa, the president of the NPO corporation "Supporting the Science Museum".

Kume River Masayoshi - YouTube

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