"Furusato tax payment" ufotable production animation collaboration Awa dance poster to the return item of Tokushima city

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is doingFurusato tax paymentIt was announced that ufotable TOKUSHIMA, the Tokushima studio of animation production company ufotable, became a partner company "Tokushima City Furusato cheering support donation", and the "Awa dance poster" which is getting popular every year was added to the return item .

Tokushima City Furusato tax payment

There are three kinds of returned gifts announced.

First of all, the reward item for donation of 10,000 yen is "Awa dance poster 2016 x 2 species". Seiyu Nakamura, Mr. Yuriko Nakamura, Mr. Yamashita Nanihama, Yuji Ehara and Mariko Takano are the items that became posters with characters who were in charge of voices with "Idol Master" "Ren".

"Idol Master" version

"Orange" version

In addition to "Awa dance poster 2016 x 2 species" in addition to the donation of 50,000 yen, "Special album set with raw photos (50 sheets) at poster shooting" "Poster animation picture original picture clear file Hango version only) ".

A special album with treasured secret raw pictures taken down during the process of making a poster, and a clear file using original picture of anime painting used in "Oenhoru" version.

Refunds for donations of 100,000 yen are "Awa dance poster 2016 x 2 species" "Special album set with raw photos (50 pictures) at poster shooting" "Poster animation picture original picture clear file (※ Renpa. In addition to "version" only "Awa dance poster all past species (2009 - 2015)".

"Set of Awa dance poster from 2009 to the present" that it realized by cooperation from each title is obtained.

Incidentally, the first collaboration poster was drawn by both ceremonies of "sky boundary" and Mikiya Kurogiri.

Both rituals of "sky boundary" and Mikiya Kurogiri appeared on the posters of Tokushima Awa Dance, posted at major JR stations and tourist facilities - GIGAZINE

It is said that reception is scheduled to start in January 2017.

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