Leonardo da Vinci's "To Do List", that morning also took note of what he would do

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Leonardo da Vinci of the Italian Renaissance period not only worked on paintings such as "Mona Lisa" and "Last Supper", but also familiarized with all kinds of fields such as architecture, mathematics, geometry, etc. "Genius" It is a great man called. However, even such a genius Leonardo da Vinci used the ToDo list just as we did to manage things to do.

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Books published in 2012 "Da Vinci's Ghost: Genius, Obsession, and How Leonardo Created the World in His Own Image(in JapanRelease in 2013) "Contains a ToDo list that Da Vinci was discovered from notes he was always carrying around while traveling. The ToDo list is "Calculation) And its suburban measurements "" (locateA book written about the church in Milan and Milan. It should be in the bookstore on the way to Cordusio. "look for) Measurement of the castle ", it was managed by attaching categories at the head of the line.

National Public RadioRobert Krulwich translated the Italian ToDo list into English with the cooperation of Da Vinci's Ghost's author Tobie Lester. I instructed Mr. Wendy McNaughton to illustrate it. Part of it is like this. It seems that he created it with nearly original nuance.

Other contents include "What does it mean" go on ice "in Flemish province, ask Benedett Portinari (merchant of Florence)" "Messer · Fazio (PaviaProfessor of Medicine and Law) "" I will find a hydraulic science teacher and teach me how to repair Lombard dams · canals / water mills "" By the promise with Professor Giovanni Francis, Promises with people such as "to listen", "Draw Milan", "Measure Coat · Becchio (courtyard of the Grand Palace)", "Measure the Grand Palace's Palace", "Make a crossbow", etc. are memorized. .

Please note that the following image will be displayed at The Queen's Gallery in the museum in Buckingham Palace from 7th April 2012 until 7th October "Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomist"When the exhibition was held, the ToDo list was on display. It is believed to have been used from 1508 to 1510, as it was written by Da Vinci.

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