Can we eliminate air pollution with "virtual chimneys" that pierce the atmosphere with jet engines?


Air pollution around large cities that are occurring all around the world is getting more serious and it is unusual for news to be high in concentration that can be said to be anomaly of pollutant "PM 2.5" occurring in China and India It is not. Meanwhile, in India, attempts are being made to break the "atmospheric lid" that uses pollutants in the atmosphere using a jet engine to lower the concentration of pollutants.

Can jet engines clean up Delhi's foul air? - BBC News

It is also the capital city in big cities in IndiaDelhiSo, very fine particulate matter discharged from power plants using coal stays in the atmosphere and smog is generated. This is because a layer of warm and light air confines the cold and heavy air near the surface of the earth, and the temperature distribution becomes opposite from the normal oneInversion layerThe convection of air is hindered by the generation of harmful substances in the atmosphere.

BySourav Das

In Delhi, a 1000 MW class coal power plant is in operation, and pollutants such as PM 2.5 emitted from the chimney continue to stay in the air layer near the surface of the ground, causing the world's worst air pollution to occur frequently It is. Experiments to solve this problem will be started from the beginning of 2017.

Therefore, the following equipment is used. We are reusing the jet engine that retired from active service and arrange the exhaust port facing upward. If you run the engine in this state, a strong and fast jet that exceeds the sound speed of up to 1400 km / h is generated in the sky. It is to open up a hole in "air lid" covering the sky with this air, and let the pollutants diffuse efficiently by stirring the atmosphere.

The equipment is installed on the trailer's deck and designed to be able to carry it to any location and to operate it. Dr. Moors Alamalo of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said, "There is a possibility that it may be a catalyst for introducing new technologies that will lead to the elimination of the smog problem around the world," which shows a view to expect from the results of the experiment.

It is known that damage to the agricultural sector will occur if temperature reversal layer occurs. For this reason, farmers have tried to stir the atmosphere by flying a helicopter, trying to remove the air lid, but it is the first case in the world that the method of using a jet engine is adopted It seems to be.

There seems to be skeptical views on experiments, such as whether jet engines can pierce the atmosphere layer and there is no noise problem, but Dr. Alamalo has not decomposed a positive attitude Hmm. In January 2017 Dr. Alamarro also joined the project team in India and said that he will prepare a detailed plan of the experiment.

What is used for this experiment is that it is an old jet engine made by former Soviet Union. If the old engine helps to resolve the air pollution, there is a possibility that it may be called a new environmental measure, but at the same time it is also hoped that we can proceed with measures not to emit particulate matter.

ByEric Parker

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