What is the identity of a huge "hole" suddenly appeared in Siberia?

Located in Siberia, RussiaYamal PeninsulaA huge "hole" with a diameter of 30 meters was discovered.

Mysterious Siberian crater attributed to methane: Nature News & amp; Comment

You can check the huge hole that makes the end of the world feel in the following movie.

Ямал - невероятная воронка Giant Hole in the ground - Yamal (Russia) - YouTube

A helicopter flying over the Yamal peninsula in Siberia. A huge hole appears at the upper left of the screen.

The hole diameter is 30 meters. It seems that trees are not seen around the hole and it is a rocky place which is rugged.

The hole seems to be connected deep inside the ground ... ....

This hole suddenly appeared in the middle of July 2014, and when it was discovered it was touted as "Is not it a crater due to huge meteorite collision?" However, according to Russian archeologist Dr. Andre Purihanov Salehald, this huge hole was made by methane gas jetting out.

Spread into SiberiaPermafrostContains methane hydrate and hydrocarbons such as carbon dioxide and methane may be released when thawed. 2012 and 2013 are intense heat, the temperature around Siberia is about 5 degrees higher than normal, so permafrost is melting. Dr. Sarejard thinks that methane trapped in the ground blown out at once, and became a huge hole as the ground surface collapsed.

This is a new hole that is different from the previous one.

German geologist Dr. Hans Wohlgang said, "The huge thing as this hole in Yamaru is such a size that I have never seen as a hole caused by permanent frozen melting," said the hole It is pointed out that it may have influence of long-term global warming on the background that it was able to do.

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