Which product of iMac / Mac Pro / Mac mini is Apple developing "good desktop"?


September 2016Released the new "iPhone 7" and "Apple Watch Series 2", and in October of that year a new type "MacBook ProApple has released. Although iMac, Mac Pro, and Mac mini are sold by Apple as a desktop desktop, the latest model has not appeared in any terminal in 2016. Meanwhile, Apple's Tim Cook CEO reveals that desktop devices such as iMac and Mac Pro are being developed.

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Cook CEO commented on iMac and Mac Pro on the employee message board inside Apple, it seems that it was written how Apple's desktop is strategically important in strategy. On the message board "Desktop is very strategic to Apple, desktop is very unique compared to notebook etc. It has more screen, memory, storage, various I / O, more fastest performance etc. It is because I can pack the elements of "It is commented.

In addition, the current model iMac is the best desktop ever manufactured by Apple and the beautiful Retina 5K display is also the best desktop display for all over the world. In addition, "Apple has an excellent desktop on the product roadmap, no need to worry about anyone," he suggests that the latest model will be on the desktop terminal in the future.


Whether Cook CEO's message points to iMac or Mac mini or Mac Pro is unknown, none of these terminals nor the latest model appeared in 2016. Although the Mac mini has repeated model changes almost every year from 2007 to 2012, it has not been updated since 2014. And Mac Pro has been changing models almost every year from 2006 to 2013, but model changes have not been done for three years since the latest model appeared in 2013. And the most popular iMac on the desktop line has been repeated model changes every year for the past 5 years, but since the introduction of the Retina 5K model in 2015 it has not been changed in the past in 2016 .

Marco Arment, the author of Instapaper and co-founder of Tumblr, who read the message of Cook, said on Twitter, "To read the line, the Mac Pro seems to have died, Tim Cook told the iMac That's the desktop. "

Will Apple's all-in-one device evolve brilliantly, or will a new model of a cylindrical workstation Mac Pro that did not have a long time come out, or a completely unexpected new product will be born Although it is unknown whether it will be, Apple's desktop product fan seems to be unnecessary to worry that "the latest model does not appear".

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