What is the new generation "Generation Z" from 1998 to the present?

Born around the 2000s, the generation that existed like the Internet from the birth was born "Generation Z (Z generation)I call it. In the American drama 'Friends' in the 1990s, 'I can hardly become an adult when I go to society'X generationAs the characters of the characters are drawn, there is also a tendency peculiar to the Z generation. What kind of person is the Z generation's children? That's why children tell themselves what kind of generation is their generation and how it differs from other generations.

Today's teens are way better behaved than you were - The Washington Post

Meet Generation Z

The movies that tell us about what generations they are aware of in the Z generation and how they perceive that they are different from other generations is as follows.

According to Wikipedia"Z generation" is a generation born from 2001 to the present, following the "X generation" born between 1965 and 1980, "Y generation (Millennial generation)" born in 1981-2000. It refers to boys and girls in their teens as of 2016. In the movie, it is said that it is "generation born from 1998 to the present", and it occupies 25% of the population of the United States.

The following boys talk about their generation as "stronger connection".

"We have never existed in a world without social media"

"Perhaps, we have grown quite differently from the way teachers, parents and grandparents have grown up."

To the question that "Do you think your generation is different from the parent generation?"

"My parents are using BlackBerry and folding cell phones" and that "they are stronger in their connections than the generations they were connected by phone."

A girl who says to parents who did not have smartphones "It is somewhat sad to miss what is happening in the world."

To the life of the parent generation "A girl who says that it is okay because it was amusing, even if there was only a monochrome television ... ...

"I think there was something" new "in each generation." There was also an opinion that "what we know and" what they know "are different".

According to the survey, modern boys and girls spend nearly nine hours on media consumption every day.

The boy in the picture below says that it was Christmas of the fifth grade (10 years old) that I got my smartphone for the first time.

Some girls say "I have mobile phones anytime to get in touch with the people I care about" and "Some girls wanted to talk to me when I was away from my friends for a while, sent the text" Conversation "and" sending text "are synonymous, it turns out that" smartphone "exists in the base of the communication method.

"My parents always say" Place the phone! "

Some boys are said to be "get up and do something!" Some boys say, "I do not always have them, and when I talk with my friends, I will place a call."

"I just love applications,"

There were girls talking about classes being done on Chromebooks and computers, and when the smartphone's battery runs out when you are in class at school, "It was sad all the while."

In addition, adults tend to say, "Recent children are ... ...."(PDF file)Latest surveyAccording to American boys and girls, the frequency of use such as alcohol, marijuana, drugs, etc. is on a decreasing trend. As for alcohol, 67% in 1991 decreased to 36% in 2016 and 12th graders The rate of smoking is reduced from 63% in 1991 to 28% in 2016.

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