The Internet has habitual characteristics similar to cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs

Although it is known that tobacco and alcohol are addictive, it is understood from several surveys that there is similar habit of using the Internet.

People deprived of the internet feel 'upset and lonely' and find going offline as hard as quitting smoking or drinking | Mail Online

Intersperience, a consumer research company, conducted a survey on the Internet usage for 1000 people. Every day people in the survey asked how they used the Internet, what smartphones or PCs are using, everyday, and they were told not to touch the Internet for 24 hours at a later time.

Even if it is impossible to access the Internet, 53% of people are confused even in a short time, and 40% feel lonely. Also, among the subjects placed in this situation, there were people who took the impression that "they do not connect at all to the Internet seems to refuse drinking or smoking".

Paul Hudson, Chief Executive Officer of Intersperience said, "Internet and digital technologies are increasingly developed and changing our way of communicating itself, such as friendship and family relations, living and purchasing activities at work, etc. , It can be said that it is affecting various aspects ", commented.

A preceding study that carried out a more detailed survey is one that was held at the University of Maryland that was announced in early 2011. We recruited a total of 100 subjects from 12 universities around the world and they disconnected means to obtain information including internet terminals, television, radio, newspapers, and they can pick up the phone and books Instructed me to spend time and asked me to submit what I felt at that time in the report.

Research on the contents of the report revealed that physical and physical signs such as those indicated by an addict who is trying to discontinue smoking and drugs are often found in the report, so that information collection including the Internet requires drugs and tobacco- There is a conclusion that there is sex. Since the survey also covers television and the like, it seems that it can be said that the information gathering means itself based on the Internet itself is subject to dependence on the contemporary people.

"Internet addictionThe designation of being already used and already seems to be treated for severe dependence, but there seems to be a situation where many people are leaving much of the life on the Internet, even though not until then .

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