"Gracoro" "Demi-cheese GRCORO" evolved into "super gracoro" and "super demi-cheese cruncho" on renewal for the first time in 23 years so I tried it

McDonald 's classic winter "Gracoro" and "Demi - Chez Gorokolo" renewed for the first time in 23 years, "Super Graco"Super demi Cheese cruncho"It appeared from Wednesday, December 14, 2016. at the same time"Shaka Shaka potato tomato creamSince it appeared, I ate together and ate.

The winter weather feature "Gracoro" has been renewed for the first time in 23 years! "Gracoro" has evolved with rich sauce and fluffy buns! "Super Gracoro" "Ultra Demithees Gras Colo" Come now, let's have fun with the five senses. ~ Limited sale "Shakashaka potato tomato cream" is also sold simultaneously from Wednesday, December 14

Arrived at McDonald's.

After waiting, waiting for a while Super Gracolo · Super demi cheese crunch · Shakashaka potato tomato cream was handed.

I will open a wrapping paper of super gracolo · super demi Cheese crumbo. Comparing the size with the iPhone SE with a total length of 123.8 mm, it looks like this.

Because the diameter is small and the height is high, it is a silhouette that fell into shape.

In super gracoro, a round circle was drawn with sauce on the surface of the croquette.

On the other hand, there is plenty of demi-glace sauce on top of cheese.

Both of them are shredded cabbage and egg sauce under the croquette.

So I will eat from super gracoro first.

When you sip a bite, the cream with shrimp and macaroni overflows from the clothes you freshly freshly crispy. The big points renewed this time are "croquette sauce" and "egg sauce". The croquette sauce is not spicy, but the spice has become a stronger sweet and sour finish, and I was tightening a relaxed cream. Buns feel a little sweet as fresh cream and butter taste are added, moist and moisturized texture. Inside the bite, there was a variety of texture and taste, crispy croquette and cherry blossoms, fluffy buns, creamy cream.

Next I will eat super demi-cheese gruelo.

The croquette and egg sauce is with super gracoro, but super demi cheese crato with demiglas sauce and cheddar cheese adds a richer taste. The combination of buns with fresh cream and butter flavor and demiglace sauce based on croquette and beef made up a taste just like a Western food shop.

In addition, we also eat chakashaka potato tomato cream that appeared at the same time.

Sprinkle the seasoning of tomato cream on the potato put in the bag, shakashaka ......

Fried potato feeling slightly sweet and sour tomato is completed. Although it is not the atmosphere of "clinging tomatoes", the junk of potato and the feeling of heaviness of cream were very fit.

In addition, super-graticule is 340 yen including tax, super demi-cheese crushed cooker is 370 yen including tax, shakashaka potato tomato cream is potato unit price + 30 yen, and both are offered until early January 2017.

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