Neuroscientists comment on the magical mechanism that makes you feel better when you run

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The question "Why do you think you will run for such a long time?" Is one of the frequently asked questions about runners who make jogging or marathon a hobby. As an answer to such a question, there is a thing called "Jogging makes me feel better", but this seems to be confirmed not only by the problem of mood but also by its scientific phenomenon.

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Some people go jogging "When you go for a moment" when you get stuck in work, but this is by no means unusual,Joyce Carroll Oates"In the interview with the New York Times," When running, the mind separates from the body, depending on the movement of both feet and the rhythm waving the left and right hands ". Also, YouTuberCasey · NyustatAlso said in an interview with Runner's World magazine, "A lot of the crucial decisions we have made over the past eight years is that jogging is triggered". And it can be said that it best describes the mental situation in the book "The Joy of Running"It is a phrase that" It is difficult to run down and feel depressed while running "quoted in"

Many of the runners seem to feel that "I feel like I've become a new self when I am jogging", but in a sense this is physically correct as well. In the past, the neurons making up the brain stopped increasing at a certain age and only gradually decreased with each age, but in the latest brain science research over the past 30 years The way of thinking is being denied. Actually, brain nerve cells may increase even with old people, and I know that it is the "active aerobic exercise" that becomes the only trigger. Representative Karen Postal of American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology states, "As far as we know, only aerobic exercise is what triggers that trigger."

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Also, the place where this nerve cell is born is also noteworthy. The creation of new neurons is thought to be related to memory and spatial learning abilityHippocampusPart. It has been pointed out that aerobic exercise is involved in improving memory, but this discovery has revealed the existence of physically the memory improvement mechanism of the brain. A postal representative said, "By doing a sweaty degree of exercise for 30 to 40 minutes, new neurons are born in the brain, which is happening in the area responsible for memory."

It is confirmed with the generation of new neurons that the blood flow increases at a specific part of the brain. The part called the "frontal lobe" of the brain just below the forehead is the part considered to be involved in cognition, selection, rational judgment, and it is also the part responsible for so-called human intelligence. It is known that by performing aerobic exercise, the blood flow of the frontal lobe increases and the activity becomes active. From this point also, it turns out that aerobic exercise exerts a positive influence on human's advanced judgment.

Frontal lobe is also known to have an important role in suppressing emotions. An experiment that showed that is done by Emily E. Bernstein, who majors in doctorate degree at Harvard University. In the experiment, 80 people participated in the movie "Champ"In one scene, when the main character · Champ is dead son · TJ claws with tears, shows the most tearful scene, I am investigating the subsequent reaction.

The Champ (1979) Death / Final Ending Scene VERY SAD - YouTube

Prior to the experiment, half of the participants were allowed to jog for 30 minutes, half of the participants made a 30 minute stretch, and then watched the movie. After viewing, I asked the questionnaire about how the feeling changed by the movie, and investigated the response of feelings. After that, both groups are in a busy situation for another 15 minutes. After that, we conducted a questionnaire again and investigated the state of feelings.

As a result, it turned out that the group who jogged was earlier in feeling better than the group that just stretched. From this result, it is shown that jogging has an effect in improving depressed feelings.

In addition, it is pointed out that many people feel that when doing jogging, the mental state of "becoming none" also affects judgment and thought. Author Ms. Haruki Murakami gave an essay "What I say when I talk about runningI'm telling you to run in order to become none.


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