Kyoto first expanding cheese tart 's PABLO "Kyoto Yasaka Shrine front shop" store limited menu I tried all three items

PABLO (Pablo) specialized in freshly baked cheese tarts opened the first store in Kyoto Prefecture, "PABLO Kyoto Yasaka Shrine Front Shop" on November 12, 2016. I visited Kyoto which was dyed in autumn leaves immediately,Chestnut and straw crispy "thick" Uji casheese Cheese tart"Melt cheese purine Shirota Uji Matcha"Black bean of Tamba and Flute of KinakoI tried all three items.

Cheese cake revolution! Freshly baked cheese tart specialty store PABLO (Pablo)

Arrived at Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto.

Walking to Higashi Odori Station on the north side ......

There was PABLO Kyoto Yasaka Shrine front shop in front of Yasaka Shrine.

In terms of Kyoto, its appearance is a chic wooden grid.

There is no eat-in space, only takeout.

On the front panel, Kyoto Yasaka Shrine front shop limited menu was displayed.

Behind the cash register you can see how you are making tarts.

Illustration of the wall is Maiko like Kyoto.

The souvenir corner was also substantial.

So, I will eat three products of PABLO Kyoto Yasaka Shrine front shop limited menu which became the first Kyoto opening. First of allBlack bean of Tamba and Flute of Kinako"(602 yen without tax)

It is about a little higher than the iPhone 6s.

Cream cheese cream is full of black honey. Black beans are also included.

Smoothie of mushrooms

The flavor of the kinako is considerably intense when drinking. There is also a texture of rough rice flour, which makes it a unique drink. I drink using a thick straw, but because I can drink gokogoku for a rough texture, it is becoming a drink that seems to be enjoyable even in the summer.

A solid black bean with sweetness.

Cream cheese has no habit and sweetness, but it is crisp.

continue"Melt cheese purine Shirota Uji Matcha"(333 yen excluding tax)

It is an unobtrusive size pudding.

The size is modest, but it seems that you can taste petit luxury feeling with golden powder being overturned.

Mascarpone cheese cream

Azuki Otani

White bubble is put on, and under it is powdered green tea sauce.

Matcha green tea which is quite rich when eating. The flavor and aroma of Matcha are intensified so that the fragrance of cheese is hardly felt. It fits well with a faintly sweet Mascarpone cheese cream.

There is no reason why Shiratama and Matcha do not match.

Azuki beans are quite obvious.

It turned moist and smooth with a texture of the tongue.

At the end is like PABLO Cheese tart. The paper bag has become a matcha color.

Store only menu "Chestnut and straw crispy "thick" Uji casheese Cheese tart"(1389 yen excluding tax)

The letter "Kyoto Limited" in the box.

Tart is green of bright green tea.

Gold powder on the surface.

Because it is Turt of Purupuru, it requires extreme caution to cut it.

When trying to cut it with a fork, it is soft enough that the matcha cheese cream will spill from the side.

Some chestnuts are also included. Because it is a dark eyes matcha, it is a taste of adults.

It became a Japanese style tart that you can enjoy until the texture of Warabimochi near the pie fabric.

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