The latest weapon "Phaser" to destroy enemy electronic devices and weapons by irradiating intense electromagnetic pulses

Recently quad-cotter radio controlled aircraft "DroneAlthough it became totally general to call it, the original drones were words that refer to "unmanned aerial vehicles" capable of flying by remote control or autonomous control. Drones are equipped with sophisticated computers and communication devices to enable safe and efficient strategy execution, but once a failure occurs in an electronic device it can not be dealt with in the field, so the ability to perform strategy It will be completely lost. In the US military, weapons that will cause troubles in electronic circuits by placing powerful electromagnetic waves on electronic equipments such as the enemy's drones, and robbing the ability "PhaserIt seems that the development of 'is proceeding.

How The U.S. Army's 'Phaser' can wipe out an entire fleet of drones with one strike - Saint Lad.

Phaser is a device developed by "Ktech" which is a division of Raytheon Corporation, an American military product manufacturer. In a nutshell to explain its mechanism, it is also said to be "an ultra-powerful microwave oven using electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and high power microwave (HPM)" and emits electromagnetic pulses with high energy like a cannon It is a weapon that can neutralize intelligence activities by destroying enemy orders, command lines and communications, and computers. Furthermore, since this attack does not directly affect the human body, it is one of the major features not to give human damage fundamentally.

Phaser is a system that integrates a diesel generator that generates electricity and a device that generates electromagnetic pulses and microwaves.

It can be easily transported on transportation vehicles and the like and has the ability to respond quickly according to strategy and situation.

You can see the experiment video that actually activated the Phaser and invalidated the electronic equipment in the following YouTube animation.

Raytheon's High-Power Microwave Weapon Downs Drones - YouTube

In this movie you can see how to shoot down by drown as simulated enemy aircraft and attack by Phaser. When executing a strategy, it is supposed to deploy a radar that captures enemy aircraft together.

When Phaser attacks where one red droning flew away ... ...

Drone suddenly crashed as "Gakun".

At this time, no sound or light is emitted. If people were on this drone, you probably would not think that they were attacked.

In the US military, research is also being conducted to utilize laser as a weapon, but as Phaser's superior place has a wider range of attack compared to lasers, in terms of being able to more effectively damage enemy planes There is. Also, it takes only 1 millisecond to spend time to attack and shoot down the opponent.

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