Techniques for identifying identities by searching culprits from a database of face photographs were actually used

ByLuca Rossato

The technique of searching the face of the target shown on the surveillance camera in the database and identifying the identity will appear sometimes in spy movies and the like, but it became clear that it was used in the actual investigation in the United States. This technology can identify identities not only from offenders but also from citizens' face pictures, so discussion is taking place from the viewpoint of infringement of privacy regarding use.

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Florida Police used a face recognition database called "Face Analysis Comparison Examination System (FACES)" operated by Pinellas County Sheriff's Office when arresting Willie Allen Lynch on suspicion of drug sales at the beginning of 2016 I made it clear. It seems that criminal trial found that Lynch suspect was identified using Pinellas County Sheriff 's Office software that matches the photo of the driver' s license with the face picture registered in FACES using the algorithm.

According to a report released by Georgetown University last month surveying FACES and search software, one in two Americans was registered in the face recognition database, and those who did not have a criminal record such as those who participated in the demonstration group Search is also possible. Mr. Lynch's report did not report that FACES was used and it was recorded that it searched the database of the police who registered face pictures taken at the time of arrest rather than FACES manually. Although details on how FACES was searched is not clarified, Florida police who probably got Mr. Lynch's photograph or video seems to have searched for FACES and identified its identity using that data .

The software that the Florida police used for the database search was designed not to "do not match" in the search result. That is, if there is a part that matches even a little with the original data, it will be displayed as a candidate in the search result. According to the survey by Georgetown University, the possibility of misuse is not being debated though this usage method may lead to false arrest.

Apart from Lynch suspects of this time, the investigation using the software has not been done, Sheriff's Office providing the software said, "The case of Mr. Lynch introduced the search system It is not the first time. "There is a possibility that the Florida police are also using other investigations.

ByJon Gurinsky

A researcher pointed out that a system that searches for FACES by software and performs face authentication is "lacking transparency." No detailed details such as how the system is used and there are restrictions on use are not disclosed at all and "Florida police should explain the operation method properly to the general public," researchers I am insisting. In addition, a spokesperson for Pinellas County Sheriff's Office said, "The software used to arrest Mr. Lynch is just one of the many tools out there."

Technology that can make criminals more efficient can be said to be very convenient for police, but for ordinary citizens who do not know anything, even if they have not committed a crime, they will be searched in the database for face photographs just by participating in the demonstration campaign To say that it can be said that it is an infringement of privacy. Even if it is said to be a technique frequently appearing in spy movies and the like, there seems to be room for further discussion in introducing it to modern society.

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