"Why Donald Trump won victory and became president" 5 reasons "and" 5 things to do "

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Michael Moore, known for documentary movie director such as "Bowling for Columbine" and "Fahrenheit 911", said he did not want Donald Trump to be president in the 45th US presidential election, but Mr. Trump VictoryPredictionwas doing. Mr. Moore said in a blog I wrote about four months before the voting "5 reasons Mr. Trump wins", And after the vote,"5 things to do now that the cards won"Entry is posted on Facebook.

5 Reasons Why Trump Will Win | MICHAEL MOORE

Mr. Moore pointed out "Five reasons Mr. Trump wins" is as follows.

◆ 01: Votes in the Midwest
A part of the Midwestern part of the United States of America and the Central Atlantic region flourished as an industrial zone once, but the manufacturer relocated the plant to other parts of Mexico and the United States, the manufacturing industry has declined. However, we can not get out of the declining manufacturing industry,Last belt(Rusty industrial area) is called.

ByShannon O'Toole

According to Mr. Moore, in the four provinces of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin which are included in the last belt, large factories are scattered in the countryside, and the workers are working with hardships of anger. Mr. Trump got active in these four provinces, "Hillary is destroying the last beltNorth American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)"If Ford shuts down the factory and moves to Mexico, he said he would apply a 35% tariff on car imported from Mexico (a speech in Michigan Province)" and so on. He also said that "Apple should manufacture the iPhone at a factory in Michigan, not in China," and it seems that it hit the hearts of the workers who live a hard life on the last belt.

Mr. Moore predicted that "the situation similar to that when the British did a referendum withdrawal from the EU will also occur in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin." Actually Mr. Trump won 48 votes, winning in Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania.

◆ 02: The last resistance of angry white man
At the Super Bowl in 2016, the singer Beyonce declared with a lot of black women "at maximum control of men!" Mr. Moore points out that he is dissatisfied with the fact that an American white man is losing power from a male-dominated society that has lasted for 240 years. "Although blacks endured us instructing you for 8 years, next time you have to obey the instructions of the woman, then it will be gay, and you should not forget the transgender too. It will not be long before the day will come.The day when the shito hamster reigns the nation will come anywhere.It will never let this happen! "It is expected that Mr. Trump will eventually work advantageously was doing.

◆ 03: Hillary's problem
Mr. Moore, who swore that he will never vote for Hillary who backed the war in Iraq, thought that Mr. Hillary was not a big problem in the election this time. According to Mr. Moore, Mr. Hillary has no popularity and believes that 70% of the voters are dishonest people who can not be trusted. Moore said, "Hillary is like the representative of old politics, she believes only voters' voting rights, Hilary opposed gay marriage, but then gay wedding priest A young woman is the biggest anti-opposition to Hillary, he says that the Millennial generation "to vote for Hilary!" And tells me every day, "Hillary is more popular with his own hands I pointed out that it was lowering.

◆ 04: Spontaneous Sanders supporters
People who supported Mr. Bernie Sanders who was defeated by Millennium Democratic Party's nomination in dispute with Mr. Hillary had no interest in voting "I will vote for Hellary today!" And "I will vote for Hilary ... ... "It is becoming lethargic, he said. These people are "Sick voter"We do not invite family and friends who do not go to vote in the vicinity" to vote for Hillary! " Moore said, "Hillary has to give the benefit of supporting himself to voters who have suffered." Also, Mr. Hillary could have chosen a woman as a vice presidential candidate, but eventually he chose an elderly white man as a candidate. This measure is "safe", it seems that it became one of the reasons why supporters of young people leave.

ByKatie hargrave

◆ 05: Jessie Ventura effect
Mr. Jessie Ventura was a professional wrestler who belonged to WWE once, in 1990 he was elected mayor of Brooklyn Park in Minnesota, elected as a mayor, and served as a mayor until 1995. In 1998 he was elected candidate for the governor of Minnesota and won the prize. Mr. Moore said, "Minnesota people voted for Ventura because the Minnesota people are not bad, but the reason is just like black humor for the politically regulated political regime.This exactly the same thing is played cards It will happen to you. "

Mr. Trump won the presidential election as expected by Mr. Moore. Mr. Moore was opposing the fact that Mr. Trump gets presidential, after Mr. Trump 's victory "Now that the cards won, five things we should do"Entries are released on Facebook. More than 200,000 people share it.

Morning After To-Do List:
1. Take over the Democratic Party and return it to the people. They have failed us miserably ....

Michael MoorePosted byNovember 9, 2016

◆ 01: Move the Democratic Party to people's hands
Let's take over the Democratic Party and return it to people. The Democratic Party betrayed our expectations surprisingly.

◆ 02: Fulfilling experts who have not seen reality
You should only look at the story that you thought and exclude experts, public opinion researchers, and media workers who did not actually see what is going on. These people will tell us that "We should break the disruption, let's do one thing", and they will continue to say the same things from the holes of the ass. I will silence people.

◆ 03: Members of the Democratic Party of Japan
Democratic legislators who did not get up in "resisting feelings" like Republican lawmakers who continued fighting for 8 years, "I will drag President Obama somehow," the next morning after the cards won, .

◆ 04: It is already overwhelming the results
We should stop crying as "shocked". Behind the words is that I am naive and I do not care about other Americans or their despair. Angry and demands for the political system of those who have been ignored by the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are getting bigger. There is no wonder that the playing cards that were talking about "destroying both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party" "You are fired" won. The cards were not a joke. Treating a playing card as a special existence has made him strong. The cards are monsters that the media has made.

◆ 05: Let's say, "Hillary Clinton won with the number of votes!"
Let's say to all the people we meet today that "Hillary Clinton won the vote number!" The majority of Americans chose Hilary Clinton instead of Donald Trump. That is the fact. If someone awakled while thinking "motherfucker" this morning, it is a mistake. The only reason why playing cards became president was made in the 18th centuryElectoral groupThanks to the ridiculous and ridiculous system of saying. Unless you change this system, the winning of "unsolicited people" that were not chosen by voting will continue.

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