Iguana is coming away from the hordes of snakes Evil escape with a flurry Movie is released as a movie

One person, one enemy and another enemy is increasing, the hero escapes from the evil hand of the enemy who unintentionally became a large group in a haunted place ..., one act of grasping sweat in the hand like a movie, iguana and snake The unfolding movie is "Iguana chased by snakes - Planet Earth II: Islands"is.

Iguana chased by snakes - Planet Earth II: Islands - BBC One - YouTube

One iguana ......

A flock of snakes stares at the rock shade.

A snake that pelori and a red tongue are put out.

I will gradually close the distance from behind iguana.

Iguana stood still not to notice the existence of the snake, to escape from the snake. Although snakes are very eye-catching, there is not much power to detect movement, so if you keep still, you may be able to escape being detected from snakes.

But as soon as the snake comes just behind the iguana ... ...

I started running away with a brave dash.

Ignuana keeps getting closer to the snake increasingly.

......, but the enemy is not one. From the rock shade to the next one, the snake appears and he will follow the iguana.

One scene like a movie scene that the enemy increases rapidly and the hero is driven into a dilemma is spreading.

Iguana is escaping pursuers at the limit.

However, when I was trying to run up the rocky mountain, I was caught by the ambushed snake and caught.

A snake that will tighten the body of the iguana with the round and round.

Several snakes are tangled to stick the ladle in Iguana ......

Iguana escaped in the narrowest place.

Run even further ......

I will run up the rocky mountain, but snakes will bare sharp teeth towards that body.

The movie also came up with the power of music, it was finished that I gazed at my breath in spite of myself. In addition, please check the movie to the last whether the iguana can safely escape from the herd of snakes safely.

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