The elephant which should normally be a calm animal is the movie that attacks people

Elephants make use of their huge bodies and may be used to transport human beings and heavy luggage. Character seems mild, but sometimes it gets angry and sometimes rampage. Such an elephant bare the vigilance or gathered the movies that attacks by revealing hostility. Elephants are wild animals, no matter how wide they are doing.

The playback of the movie is from the following.
When you are inside the car, the elephant comes around. You can not just go by that big bump.
YouTube - Elephant attack in Wasgamuwa

In the Israeli zoo, an elephant called Yossi pierces and fights a female Atari and fights against the wall. It seems that Atari died and was buried in a joint cemetery in the zoo.
Killer elephant | Video |

When you ride a canoe on the riverbank and see the elephant, it suddenly strikes you. I wonder if it was okay after this ....
YouTube - African Elephants Attack

Elephants threaten with barks that I have never heard before, but I have never heard of.
Elephant Attack - Google Video

Animal PlanetAn explorer, Jeff Korwin, also appears in the elephant and gets caught in the arm and bitten.
YouTube - CNN Report: Elephant attacks Jeff Corwin!

The elephant is blocking the way. When the elephant spreads his ears, the body looks bigger, so there is a feeling of fear as oppressive.
YouTube - Elephant blocks the road

An elephant that hits a car.
YouTube - Elephant rampage in Sri Lanka

This is an accident that happened when I was playing a polo with an elephant. The image is below.

Other images can be seen from the following. - Elephant Polo

For polo using elephants, the following is detailed.

Jaipur Elephant Festival

A state of polo.

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