A situation in which social media is blocked on a large scale in Turkey has occurred, and view as regulation by the authorities is also

ByNeha Viswanathan

I am monitoring the situation of the network in Turkey and the implementation of censorshipTurkey BlocksDetected and announced that access to multiple social media was blocked on a large scale. Due to this influence, access to major SNS such as Facebook and Twitter seems to be largely regulated.

Social media shutdown in Turkey - Turkey Blocks

Access to SNS access in Turkey was initiated at 1:20 am local time on November 4, 2016 (Friday). When it is Japan time, it is 7:20 am on November 4, it seems that it began suddenly about 4 hours ago when this article was published. Thirty minutes later, TurkeyBlocks tweets that access to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube is largely blocked and sends it to the world.

In addition, the influence of this measure also extends to WhatsApp of the messaging application, and complaints that users can not use the service are being followed one after another. This case seems to be the first case that Access to WhatsApp is greatly affected.

According to TurkeyBlocks, it seems that this access restriction is being implemented at the Internet service provider (ISP) stage. First of all, access blocking was confirmed at TTNet, the largest ISP in Turkey, and thereafter it was confirmed that blocking at multiple ISPs such as "UyduNet" was confirmed. In addition, at the time of publication by TurkeyBlocks, access restriction has not been confirmed in a small ISP.

The viewpoint of government speech control is also
According to TurkeyBlocks, this measureNational democratic party(HDP) leader was largely related to the detention of the former authorities. HDP is a political party of ethnic minority Kurdish people, and as a result of the breakthrough over the past several years, it shows the presence of the ruling party, such as chasing the seats of the fair development party (AKP) to a majority.

Kurdish party rallies Turkish general election: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

In Turkey, cities in southeastern cities where many Kurds liveDiyarbakirIt was just after a massive Internet blockade was implemented and the civic life was greatly affected.

In response to the emerging Kurdish forces, in Turkey the repression of speech by the ruling party Erdogan administrationThe situation spreading also to the media of the left wing and the ethnic minorities Kurdish peopleAnd that. President Erdogan is said to be raging for Kurdish forces as a pretext of "countermeasures against terrorism", Newsweek magazine also reports that Turkey "took away democracy". The influence of the speech control by the authority of the authority spreads in Turkey.

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