What is the "Amazon effect" that Starbucks CEO speaks and the influence that the US presidential election has on the retail industry

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Starbucks, which has a coffee shop throughout the world, holds a performance announcement, which shows that worldwide sales in the October 2016 period was 16.5% higher than last year at 5.7 billion dollars (about 590 billion yen)Announced. Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, who is reported to be doing good with the opening of 2,100 stores in China in one year at one pace per day, was announced at a recital at the US presidential election and net retail It talks about "Amazon effect" that giant · Amazon influences the purchasing activity of consumers.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz: How the 'Amazon effect' and the U.S. presidential campaign are impacting retail - GeekWire

As reported in the news etc., in the United States there are fierce presidential elections by two candidates, Mr. Trump who develops extensive theory and Clinton who is regarded as problematic by using a private address for public service "Senate battle" with the Senators is at its peak. The characteristic point of this presidential election is not only the "dispute" of just two candidates, but also the difference of rich and poor lying in American society and the dissatisfaction of each race smoldering so far have largely surfaced , The view that the concern about the stability of the American society in the future has been left is also spreading.

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About such a situation, Starbucks' CEO Shulz expresses as "the era of uncertainty so high that it can start to end in the U.S. and affect the countries around the world," at the same time, in the retail industry in the U.S., I do not know what will happen in the future "is said to have spread. In fact, it seems that influences are appearing a little not only in the behavior of consumers but also from the management team of domestic companies that many people are expected to hear from the presidential election that they expect to return to their consumption behavior I will.

At the same time, Schultz says that it is necessary to talk about consumer consumption activities occurring regardless of presidential election. In a conversation with Fred Smith CEO of American logistics giant "FedEx", Schulz revealed that he exchanged opinions on not only the United States but also the behavior patterns of consumers around the world are changing, Pointed out that there are circumstances in which people are no longer transporting to shops and shopping malls where they actually exist but instead are changing to consumption patterns that use "e-commerce" to buy things online.Amazon effect(The Amazon effect) ".

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Schulz said that changes due to this Amazon effect can not be ignored, said Shurutsu's future prospects for retail industry "About five years from now, the appearance of the retail industry has changed completely, and the retailing business centering on sales from conventional stores The era in which many of businesses can not continue the business definitely comes, and consumers can purchase items from any channelOmni channelIt will be a difficult time for the business model of the company. "

With respect to the way Starbucks in such a situation is concerned, Shurutsu said, "Starbucks is built by establishing a firm position by the presence as a" community "where people gather, and the competitive slowdown due to the projected withdrawal of other companies in the same industry in the future We can continue our business ". In addition, Shulz said, "We are located very early in the era when the retailing industry changes, Starbucks is doing strategy development from a long-term perspective in all respects," he says about future developments I will.

It seems that it will become a store style "roast tally" that you can experience "the world of coffee with five senses" that Starbucks is likely to become one of the future nuclei. In Seattle, the roast tally store opened in 2015 is a store that aims to go further ahead while conscious of so-called "third wave coffee", and coffee beans are roasted in front of us It is making it to experience the situation to be done.

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In the future we plan to open this roast tally in Shanghai and Europe in 2017 and expand it all over the world in the next 2018. In Japan, the first roast tally in Japan will be opened in Tokyo in 2018.

Starbucks Coffee Japan opens "Starbucks Reserve Roast Tarry", the first in Japan, in Tokyo in 2018 World-class architect Kengo Kuma Leads the design of stores that can experience the world of coffee with five senses Press Release (2016/10/20) | Starbucks Coffee Japan

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