American presidential election of Trump vs. Clinton, if it is popular with Facebook it is a trump competitive victory

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In the election to decide the 45th President of the United States, the voting day has finally come closer to November 8, 2016. In the opinion poll, Hillary Clinton of the Democratic Party has lead the Republican Donald Trump, but in the final stageCandidate for playing cardsHas been reported. On the other hand, survey companies have revealed that the trump candidate is overwhelming Clinton candidate in SNS.

Donald Trump as President? Thank Facebook. | Ezyinsights

A research company based in Helsinki, Finland ·EzyinsightsAccording to the report, throughout the presidential election, Mr. Trump 's social media team seemed to work better than Clinton' s team.

A chart showing the number of engagements ("likes", comments, share, photo display) for posts by Mr. Trump and Mr. Clinton from February to October 2016. Red shows Mr. Trump and Blue shows Mr. Clinton, and Mr. Trump is overwhelming Mr. Clinton for nearly all the time.

There is one point where Mr. Clinton is reversing Mr. Trump. This is because the number of engagements of the following posts posted by Clinton camp was large at the second candidate debate meeting. In other words, all that except when posting this post is that Mr. Trump is over. Even with the number of followers, the trump camp has 11.8 million, while the Clinton camp has a difference from 7,700,000 camps.

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Ezyinsights said the trump camp was excellent strategy using video (video). On Facebook, its algorithms are weighted heavily on the video, and the trump camp has successfully utilized it. In fact, comparing only the number of posts, the number of trump camps was 327, Clinton camp was 302, so there was no big difference there.

However, the number of live streaming (live broadcast) that Clinton campaign performed on Facebook in October 2016 was eleven in nine days, while the trump camp live 33 live broadcasts on the 12th . As a result, the trump camp has earned an overwhelming number of engagements, most recently.

It's like this when you graph the daily engagement numbers in October 2016. The debate increases the number of engagement, but the trump camp continues to surpass the Clinton camp.

Ezyinsights points out as "sarcastic", whereas the Clinton campaign generally took a conservative strategy, whereas the older trump camp used more modern and dynamic means .

By the way, Mr. Clinton said that the image of "I'm with her." Became popular, but what was popular for Mr. Trump 's post is Kore.

"It's a good thing Trump is not in charge of the law in this country." - Hillary Clinton

"Yeah, because you 'd be in jail." - Donald Trump

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Ezyinsights reports that if Mr. Trump decides the president with Facebook popularity, Mr. Trump will have overwhelming victory. What will happen to the actual results ...?

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