A movie that reproduces the beautiful light trajectory like "TRON" in the glowing mountain bike

In the movie "Tron", a characteristic bike that runs with the virtual reality drawing the light trajectory appears, but a fantastic movie reproduced with this mountain bike in real life using this mountain bike "Light Cycles."Has appeared.

Light Cycles. On Vimeo

A mountain bike where the rear wheels glitter shines through.

Two riders are running through the woods at dusk in "Tron Mountain Bike".

When I edited the mountain bike light using this state, it turned into a picture like a trond.

Running along a bumpy road, the locus of light will also become irregular ...

The appearance of jumping and twisting the tire creates a cloth-like texture that has moaned in the wind.

Looking up, the trajectory of the light is a net pattern, and it looks as though it is running on the road and mapping it.

The two light streaks running through the forest are very fantastic, and there is no doubt that they will be completely watched. Mike Gamble Media who created this image seems to have succeeded in successfully attaching VFX by thinking "How to put" TRONE EFFECT "on mountain bike" and doing tests.

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