A bullet-time-like movie "Centriphone" who spun round the iPhone and self-photographed the moment of skiing

Tie a strap to iPhone and shoot a movie while swinging aroundCentriphoneI took a picture of a ski sliding down the slope using a method calledNicolas VuignierMr. It's like a movie matrix "Barrett timeIn an atmosphere like "I am impressed with full power and beautiful images.

Centriphone - an iPhone video experiment by Nicolas Vuignier - YouTube

Vuignier of the skier reflected in the picture.

I have several threads in my hand and the iPhone which launched the camera at the end of the thread is set.

Turning around this ... ....

The viewpoint of the camera will gradually rise.

And shape to overlook men.

I started skiing here.

Because the iPhone is spinning around the male, the image captures 360 degrees, a mysterious atmosphere.

It is even fantastic to see the snow dancing in the exquisite light of the sun.

An iPhone that is swayed around the gourd.

Vuignier who slides between the rocks while swinging the iPhone with one hand. The performance of iPhone is amazing, but you can also see that there is not much danger if there is no technique.

Also, another slide image is included in the movie.

Turn iPhone round and round ......

This time I jump onto something like a partition in the slopes.

While waving the iPhone with one hand, I will slide with an exquisite balance.


Brilliantly sliding on the slope ... ....


The moment of floating in the air is like a scene from a movie.

Sadly as it is from the angle.

At the end, the iPhone falls to the ground with a bottle and it makes me worried, but according to Vuignier, it seems that the iPhone did not break at shooting.

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