A movie that jumps into a snake-filled vinyl pool

A movie that snakes jump into a plastic pool where Uja Uja swims. It seems like "Super Jockey" that Nori was broadcasted in the old days. Finally the basketball playerKobe - BryantHe jumps over the pool.

The movie is from the following.YouTube - Kobe Bryant (Me) Jumps Over Pool w / Snakes (Black Mambas)

The snake is swimming so easily that the snake can easily grasp it.

I jump into the pool from the back behind. Diving is more dangerous.

Service shot.

I ride a bicycle and jump in.

I do not know why I can relax.

Covey jumps over and decides on dunk.

There is also a movie that jumps over the car where Kobe goes. I am amazed at his jumping power.

YouTube - Kobe Bryant Jumps Over Car (Aston Martin) Slow Motion

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