An astonishing service that automatically colors black-and-white photos without any discomfort

Waseda University's laboratory, which developed

a terrifying neural network technology that automatically pen-fills rough images into line art , has released a service that can automatically color black-and-white photographs using a deep network. ..

Automatic Image Colorization ・ Automatic coloring of black and white images

To automatically color black-and-white photos, jump to the above URL and click 'Browse ...'.

Then select the black-and-white photo you want to color and click 'Open'.

Alternatively, drag and drop the black-and-white photo you want to color and move it inside the blue dotted line.

The black-and-white photographs colored this time are the following flower photographs.

By Catface27

After selecting a photo, the original photo (left) and the automatically colored photo (right) will be displayed.

Colored photos can also be saved by right-clicking.

This is the saved photo. The degree of perfection that does not seem to be automatically colored.

I also tried various other colors. A black-and-white photo with a large number of brushes lined up ...


Reginaldo Andrade

It colored the brush tip very naturally.

Monochrome landscape photos ...


Nicki Mannix

Impression that the wooden fence and the grass on the ground are colored appropriately.

Black-and-white photos of women ...

By Girish Sharma

To a level that does not seem to be automatically colored.

You can also see examples of black-and-white photographs and black-and-white movies colored using this technology in the following movies.

Automatic Image Colorization (SIGGRAPH 2016), Fast Forward --YouTube

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