Tesla Announces "Power Wall 2" Household Battery and Solar Roof with Integrated Roof Tile

It is almost impossible to stably "save" the electricity made by photovoltaic power generation which is becoming increasingly popular in general households, and there is no way to sell surplus electricity to a power company, and the selling price isIt is on a downward trend. Meanwhile, Tesla Motors, led by Mr. Eulon Mask, can supply the necessary electric power to households with built-in lithium ion battery and inverterPower Wall 2"Solar photovoltaic panels that are completely indistinguishable from roof tiles of ordinary households"Solar Roof", And a lithium-ion battery storage device for companies and power companies"Power pack 2We announced. It is a system that solves the problem of electric power which it was difficult to store even though it could generate electricity and it seems to be able to stably put into practical use the sustainable (renewable) solar energy in the home unit.

Power Wall | Tesla Home Battery

"Power Wall 2" announced by Tesla is a power storage device that can be installed on a wall or floor, and can be installed outdoors or indoors. Built-in lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 14 kWh inside, it enables in-house consumption of solar energy generated by Solar Roof of the company's solar light tile, backup power supply for emergency, load shift and other power system service applications It is designed to be.

The image set up at home is like this. Built-in liquid-cooled temperature control system, it corresponds to the temperature minus 20 degrees to 50 degrees. The ability to supply electricity of 5 kW · peak 7 kW of electricity to household by converting the electric power stored in the lithium ion battery to household electricity with the inverter. It is possible to charge in the nighttime electricity cheap time, sell surplus electricity, and obtain economic merit.

The main body size is 1150 × 755 × 155 mm and the weight is 122 kg. It is possible to connect up to nine power walls 2. The power efficiency is about 90%, and it is said that it is guaranteed without a cycle limit for 10 years. In addition, this announcement is the second generation after the "power wall" which was released in 2015.

Also, what is offered for business use, such as companies and power plants,Power pack 2". Like Power Wall 2, Li-ion battery is built in and Power Pack 2, the second generation of "Power Pack" released in 2015, can be expanded from 200 kWh to several 100 MWh by connecting the main body (Scalable) system has become. The place of introduction has become a large stadium and companies providing infrastructure.

It is almost impossible to distinguish from the roof tile that it produces electricity to be stored in the power wall 2 "Solar Roof"is. The installation image is as follows and is the level where "Where is the solar panel?" Rather, it is almost impossible to distinguish from its appearance, as solar panels are built into ordinary roof tiles.

The recital held by Tesla is held in front of a model house actually using solar roof. You can understand how the four types of solar roofs are indistinguishable from ordinary roofs by watching the following movies.

Powerwall 2 & Solar Roof Launch on Vimeo

An aerial image showing a very ordinary roof. But in reality these are all solar roofs.

From anywhere you can see it looks like an ordinary roof tile.

It is the real thing of solar roof that Mask CEO has in hand. It is a kind of "Textured Gala Style", which is similar to "Slate" often used in Western-style houses.

This time the roof of another house.

This tile called "French style" with mosaic style coloring, of course also solar roof. Since all tiles are produced to have different patterns, it is said that subtle color usage is finished to overlap roof.

An angle that you can see well that a solar panel is built in. A little black part of the lower part is receiving sunlight to generate electricity. The name of this tile is named "Satin / Gala Style".

This house is a bit modern this time.

Of course the roof is solar roof.

This tile was named "Smooth Gala Style", and it seems that the area ratio of the solar part is getting bigger.

And the fourth is a house with this terracotta-like roof.

Two kinds of solar roof and ordinary roof tile are used for this roof, and only tile which looks black is solar roof.

This tile named "Tuscan · Gala Style" is the largest size mask and said that price is the most valuable mask CEO. In this way, when viewed from a right angle to the tile, the black solar part is conspicuous ... ...

If you tilt it greatly, it looks like a texture like terra cotta made from mud. By changing the appearance depending on the viewing angle, it is the solar roof that maximizes freedom of coordination without detracting from the design of housing while realizing the optimum angle for power generation for the sun It can be said that it is a feature of.

As you can see from the name, Solar Roof said that the material is made of glass. However, since it has higher durability than ordinary terracotta and slate tiles, it is announced that there is no problem in practicality.

In Tesla, by offering these products, we have set the mission to solve the problem of carbon dioxide that continues to increase on a global scale. In August 2016, Tosra and Solar City became united as a result of the merger of SolarCity and Tesla Motors, who served as chairman of Mr. Mask, to reach an agreement, riding environmentally friendly cars, using a battery pack It has become possible to provide a lifestyle that consumes energy efficiently.

Of these, it seems that it is likely to be "Power Wall 2" and "Solar Roof" that are most likely to be related to the general public, but Power Wall 2 isJapanese websiteHowever, reservation acceptance has begun, prices start at 617,000 yen per unit. It is supposed to be delivered from within 2017, and at the time of delivery we will require 112,000 yen for the installation and accompanying hardware. Solar roof is unpublished details at the time of article creation.

The product announced this time is Mr. Mask's plan for action in the next ten years that was announced in July 2016 "Master plan · part 2Even "It is mentioned as" to make a roof type solar power generation panel with overwhelming performance integrating power storage devices seamlessly ". In this plan, furthermore, "Expand model of EV, develop model line in all segments" "Learn an automatic driving car using a huge amount of data, it is 10 times safer than human driving The plan to realize driving performance "to make cars that can generate money when the user is not using the car" has been shown, and attention gathered as to whether these will be realized as well That's right.

What is "Master Plan · Part 2", which Mr. Taska's mask shows for the next 10 years, such as solar power generation, low price EV, car sharing? - GIGAZINE

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