New Metallic TV animation of "Full Metal Panic!" "Full Metal Panic! IV" Broadcast Fall 2017

A new animation of the novel "Fullmetal Panic!", Which was revealed to be "animation-making strategy in progress" in October 2015,Fullmetal panic! IV"It was announced that it started broadcasting from the fall of 2017 in the title of.

"Full Metal Panic!" Special Site

This was held on October 22, 2016Fantasia Bunka Great Thanksgiving Day 2016Things revealed at the special stage of.

Animation production is known as "Space Battleship Yamato 2199" "To Love-Ru - Darkness" "Lagrange Lagrange"XEBEC. The director said that "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Destruction" "Evangelion New Theater Version: Q" Deputy Director "Kasutai Nishi no Kiki" Director Katsuichi Nakayama.

The original isFujimi Shobo Fantasia BunkoNovel by Kato 2 invited to be published in. Short Stories 9 volumes, side story Side Arms 2 volumes, in addition to the complete 12 volumes in 2010. From 2011, "full metal panic! Another" started as a spin-off work set in the world after tens of years of the main volume, 13 volumes (of which short edition 1 volume) has been published.

It is the fourth time for TV animation to be "IV" in the title of the new work. The first work is a total of 24 episodes (directed by GONZO and directed by Koichi Chiaki) since January 2002, the second is titled "Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu" in total from 12 August 2003 (Kyoto animation production · Takefumi Directed by Yasuhiro), the third piece is the title of "Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid" and all 13 episodes (the same structure as the second work) since July 2005. As for the fourth work, the production company has changed like the first work → the second work.

The tweets of stakeholders and others are as follows. Ebi Ekawa Kanitake who is in charge of mechanical design from the first work is also participating as a mechanical design in this work.

Set design is Mr. Noriyuki Yanase known for SF Design Works of "Concrete · Revolutio ~ Superficial illusion ~" and "Exposed paradise - Expeled from Paradise-" "Ghost in the shell new movie version" Mechanic design etc.

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