Headline news on 21st October 2016

Friday road SHOW!Will broadcast the Ghibli work for 3 consecutive weeks on November 4 (Fri), 11 (Fri), 18 (Fri)Ghibli in autumn for 3 consecutive weeksWe announced the holding of the.

Broadcasting lineup was broadcasted on November 4, "My Neighbor Totoro" on November 11, "Red Pig" by Nocturnal Broadcasting, and on the last November 18, "Cat Returns" is the main volume uncut It will be broadcasted.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

What is amazing technique that breaks the IC chip security of credit card? - GIGAZINE

30 years of development and future prospects of the new tidal current of a jet engine for aircraft "Geared Turbo fan" - GIGAZINE

Apple also unable to unlock the iPhone, unless you know the passcode reveal that the data in the terminal is inaccessible - GIGAZINE

A guilty verdict is given to a man preserving manga including children's sex description on PC - GIGAZINE

What is the reason why we need crazy research to remodel the 1918 influenza virus which killed 40 million people - GIGAZINE

Why did you start eating popcorn at a movie theater? - GIGAZINE

"Aurum Light" work collection that creates dress by buckling water and milk model - GIGAZINE

Apple recalls and releases free replacement of SSD on MacBook Air, Confirmation Method Summary - GIGAZINE

Which is the author of "iesys.exe" and the entire e-mail from the real culprit of the remote operation incident is open, what is the biggest problem? - GIGAZINE

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◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Working on autophagy promoting genes newly clarified | NHK News

Mars probe from Europe, discontinued communication just before landing | National Geographic Japan version site

【Movie】 Capture giant lobster, weighs more than 6 kg | National Geographic Japanese version site

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
High school record "4" or more → → 30,000 yen monthly Proposal for LDP scholarship benefits: Asahi Newspaper Digital

Male cartoonist, falling over by bicycle death? A couple days ago My family told me to go to Wakayama "Nara - Sankei WEST

Fall out with "recumbent" type bicycle ... Manga artist death: society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Mr. Trump, "If you win if you have a result" If you have doubts Litigation implications: Asahi Shimbun Digital

【Keio Union · Group rape case】 The parody reason why the perpetrator submitted "insult video" to the authorities

Famous hotel "general manager" and lie, former public offering principal with professional background spoofing document sent Osaka Prefectural Police - Sankei WEST

Rice cracker "Bakana" Flyer burning, factory employee burns: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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Even if an earthquake with a seismic intensity of less than 6 came, the class of Tottori University did not stop - Togetter Summary

"To the lawless area of ​​the advertising industry" - monthly Shota

Can humans be human? Is it? Are local civil servants human? Is it? How are you! Is it? - Togetter Summary

I will answer "I'm okay if it's okay if asked" is OK? Let's ask this from now on - Togetter Summary

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【Shogi】 Breaking News! Shogi briefing session for shogi misrepresentation problem Kuzu Maruyama "Federation correspondence is full of doubt": sports broadcast

【Special Feature】 Visit to Raspberry Pi Foundation and 10 million shipping commemoration party submission report - PC Watch

Adobe Digital Insights: Increasing use of smaho, e-mail usage time increases | Adobe Marketing Cloud Japan Blog

Samsung smaho, smoke in Kansai ... model of ignition accident: society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Smoke from Samsung's new smartphone in Kansai, passengers who are prohibited to bring in the battery will remove the battery - Sankei WEST

Nature of light Use as instantaneous answer as a groundbreaking calculation method | NHK News

Japanese institute of research to solve the problem of seeking the most suitable answer from instantaneous solving, which is said to be difficult to calculate even with state-of-the-art computers, from the huge combination exceeding 10 billion rows The group has been successful and attracting attention as a breakthrough calculation method leading to next generation computers.

"NTT HOME> NTT Holding Company News Release> Succeeded in Generating Large Scale Artificial Spin Network by Light Using Long Distance Optical Fiber Resonator"And"Coherent Ising Machine | NII Yamamoto / Utsunomiya QIS groupPlease refer to.

I resigned as an outside director of mixi. ~ Ichiya Nakamura / Ichiya Nakamura

Since the beginning of this year, the movement to seek normalization within the industry got stronger, and the voice to improve the situation was also raised to the ticket camp, which is a subsidiary of mixi.

The problem is so-called "reseller" which obtains large quantities of tickets and sells at a high price.
The music industry that sells tickets in the near future and the platform such as ticket ticket camp are projects to find a solution.

At the same time, I am also an officer of mixi, and it is also related to the association of music producers (sound organization) and music association association (sound correspondent association). We are also involved in the construction and operation of databases covering nearly all musician information in Japan through collaboration with sound control / sound affairs cooperation.

As the only person who probably places the scaffolding on both sides, we have been trying to solve this problem. I tried to create opportunities for the mixi side and the music industry to face, and I wanted to have both of them shake hands.

However, my power has not reached, leading to the expression of the artist 's opinion and subsequent coverage etc. I feel responsibility.

There is also an obligation of confidentiality to each other, I will not say in detail. However, in the present situation, it is up to expecting that I can talk more without taking abdomen more by removing the seat than doing the coordinator.

I think that there is something that needs to be done, on both the mixi side and the music industry side. Various remarks can be seen from economists, industry stakeholders, media, etc. about this. It may be good to have wisdom on the administrative side as well. We would like to talk with each other and make adjustments.

Programming education may be too late - shi 3 z's long diary

Will the day when I can wander to see Hanyu's chess at last? - Net Life Investigation blog

What is Shogi journalism? What to do, what is it in the first place? - Togetter Summary

Google's first real store open, 9 shows "showroom" pictures in NY International news: AFPBB News

US authorities warn against Russian hacking attacks pretending to be fraudulent voting | Reuters

I seemed to have moved since Gunosy Co., Ltd. moved again! - 941 :: blog

New release of WALK ON WATER brand iPhone case 6 line up | Princeton | New product information list | Princeton Inc.

Newly released sealed headphone "K872" of the AKG top-level model that accurately reproduces high-resolution, wideband and high-density audio signals | Herman International

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
TSE: Nintendo shares plummet ... Disappointment in new game machines - Mainichi Newspapers

According to the savings-oriented background, it is clear that the smartphone game, which can be played for free in the industry, will center mainly, against the backdrop of savings, "Although it will be possible to sell at least to the fans, the positive effect on future results is limited."

【Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild】 Living. - YouTube

Why does that picture sexually / people invisible - nomolk's blog

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Considering the center of Nihihiroshima as a new baseball stadium in Japan Ham! Maintenance in 2023 aim: Polly breaking

15: Wind blowing if nothing @ \ (^ o ^) / 2016/10/21 (Fri) 13: 0 9: 31.87 ID: FtdZ5YjkH
JR Hokkaido seems to be saved for the time being

【Column】 Balsa's Top Team Staff Number is Above Athlete and Amazing Change in Soccer World | Football King

The reason why the talent is hurried is a major office "Co-starring NG" frequently used: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Comedy Combination · Laughter problem was independent in 1990, the office belonging then. Then the work of television dramatically decreased. Mr. Ohta revealed in January this year that when I went to a live-night radio program "a day (going to the regular program site), I was told" You came to do anything ", Yuji Tanaka said" I thought the world was scary, "he responded.

Mr. Ota's wife, Mr. Mitsuyo, who is the president of his current office "Titan" said, "I misunderstood the popularity made by the office as their own." The job is "office frame" that the office has taken , It was not the ability of the principals. "

A former major official official says, "It is unavoidable to be dried for a while after independence or transfer." If it gets independent after being popularized, the office can not collect the funds invested in discovering, nurturing and promoting human resources.

"The one that the major office frequently uses is a card called" Co-starring NG ", the same official. It tells the TV station that "If you are Mr. ○ ○, we can not let our talent appear." A stakeholder from the key department in Tokyo also explained that "involvement in program production is steadily increasing year by year, as a major office talks to drama performers, theme songs, and scripts." "Even if you try to use an actor against the intention of the office with a drama, you can not fight after all because the talent of the office can not be used with another variety program."

"A movie that thinks that the situation of his / her daily life is properly drawn" Overseas reaction | Free tasteless odorless dramatic drug

Nogizaka 46's Nana Masu Hashimoto retires in the entertainment industry "There is no preeminence because the whole amount of my parent's debts have been refunded" - Togetter Summary

Mr. Yoshiyuki Sadamoto of "Eva" graduated from Nogizaka 46 & retired from the entertainment industry Illustrations sent to Mr. Hashimoto Nana are crying & too similar # Sorrowful - Togetter Summary

"Giant mysterious giant" draft Longest body 2 meters 1 Taiwanese right arm - Sponichi Annex baseball

Governor Koike: "150 billion yen burden" Correction instruction ... document to IOC - Mainichi Newspaper

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Eggs' n Things "Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving)" menu appears! Cranberry sauce on turkey, do not you enjoy a different taste this autumn this year? ~ Limited time sale from November 1 (Tue) ~ | Eggs' n Things

East Hato Co., Ltd. / Crisp and crispy texture! "Stick Caramel Cone" New Release

Biscuits popular in Japan "Marie" appeared in limited venue package From October 25 "Marie Antoinette exhibition" released only at the venue | 2016 | News release | Morinaga

(PDF)Launch of the "Mizuno JPX 90 0 Driver" which changes the flight distance if the spin changes

MACHI café Cafe latte renewed | Lawson

Notice of commencement of operation of "Kewpie Kobe Factory" | QP

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