Samsung Galaxy of Production / Sales Discontinuation predicts that most users of Note 7 will flow to iPhone 7

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Samsung's Galaxy Note 7, which has caused a series of explosions and ignition accidents caused by batteries, was stopped productionManufacturer asked for cancellation and fully responded to repaymentIt has evolved into an unprecedented situation to do. In the meantime, it is reported that many users who actually owned Galaxy Note 7 are taking a break and switching to iPhone 7 which is an equivalent class iOS terminal, or to Android smartphone made by Huawei.

KGI: Apple to benefit from Samsung Note 7 recall / cancellation, estimated 5-7 million users to switch to iPhone 7 | 9to5Mac

This report was released by Mr. Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with KGI Securities, familiar with Apple-related information. In addition to the recall, Kuo predicts that some of the exchanged terminals will give up on Samsung, which has caused the ignition incident, and will switch to another company's terminal, Kuo predicts that between 5 million and 7 million Samsung users are switching to Apple products centering on iPhone 7 Plus with dual cameras.

Also, many of the users who are going to change are seen as most users who have used iPhones before, that is, they are regarded as users who do not have so strong commitment to so-called Android terminals and Samsung. On the other hand, Mr. Kuo also predicts that the user who sticks to the Samsung brand will remain as it is, especially if a user who has a strong idea such as the iris authentication function installed in Galaxy Note 7, It is a view that there is no way to say.

The Galaxy Note 7 sold so far is expected to reach 12 million units, which is a bold prediction that about half of users will change, but it is also true that there is a part that the situation can be convinced without thinking only about the situation It seems likely. After receiving a series of events,Apple's stock priceHas been showing a gradual upward trend since the beginning of October.

In addition, at this timing, Samsung also reported that it was using an in-house testing facility, not an outside organization when conducting product testing.

Samsung used its own lab, not an independent CTIA one, to test Note 7 batteries prior to launch | 9to5 Google

According to the report, the testing facility of Samsung is a facility certified by industry group "CTIA", and Mr. Tom Sawanobori, technical director of the facility, conducted a rigorous examination by certified inspector It is said that it is in conformity with industry standards, but it is also pointed out that there is a high possibility that it is possible to put undoubted doubt as compared to an unrelated organization.

On the other hand, although it is Apple that gained "fishery's advantage", it seems that there is no problem at all here as well. There are also facts that the terminal explodes on the iPhone 7 Plus as described below, so it seems necessary to watch the situation.

A case where the iPhone 7 Plus explodes and it reports that the battery has expanded - GIGAZINE

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