Headline news on October 14, 2016

It can be purchased from HUAWEI at the 10,000 yen level, so it is compatible with LTE Cat 4 so high speed LTE communication and voice calling can be used 7 inch tablet "HUAWEI MediaPad T1 7.0 LTE"Will be released. Market presumption of "Silver (RAM: 1 G / ROM: 8 GB)" of online store and MVNO limited model, while being a 7-inch tablet equipped with a quad-core CPU and a large capacity battery of 4100 mAh for high speed LTE communication with a maximum downlink 150 Mbps The price is only 1980 yen without tax, and it is planned to be able to purchase "gold (RAM: 2 G / ROM: 16 GB)" of the general model with tax of 14,980 yen.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Apple violated patents on iPhone 5s / 6/6 Plus CPU gains big money with a huge amount of reparation - GIGAZINE

Appealing two psychologists devised by a survivor who was tortured by CIA "human destruction" - GIGAZINE

Dropbox bug causes user file to be completely erased - GIGAZINE

Is the data capacity of the download game exceeding the line speed of the broadband? - GIGAZINE

Sagrada Familia's growth forecast movie finally completed in 2026 - GIGAZINE

Cheap airline tickets also flew to Vancouver by international era of international competition and overseas sites - GIGAZINE

The ultimate equipment assuming every situation of the world infested by zombies "Z. E.R.O.Kit" - GIGAZINE

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◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
AIST: Discover methanogenic bacteria that turn coal into natural gas

· Discovery of methane-producing bacteria that produces methane directly from coal by itself
· This methanogenic bacterium converts methoxy aromatic compound which is a constituent of coal to methane
· Contributing to clarifying the origin of natural gas such as "cob bed methane" inherent in the coal bed

Beautiful Earth seen from the moon, unpublished image also | National Geographic Japanese version site

Moon's crater, anxiety about the future moon surface development that had been "cosmetic change" much earlier than predicted | sorae.jp: portal site to the universe (Sora)

Ellon Mask "Tickets for Mars Travel all cuts 100 thousand dollars" The whole picture of Mars migration plan - log me

The 3rd "Manned Closed Environmental Stay Study Using Closed Environment Adaptation Training Equipment" Starting Recruitment of Subjects - Space Station · Kibo PR · Information Center - JAXA

Science Journal: New treatment for kidney stones! Can it be discharged at Disneyland's "Big Thunder Mountain"? Causes and prevention of kidney stones

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Dead from the Roppongi building died in the head of a passerby falling of an iron pipe: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Dentsu employee overworked Suicide Labor Bureau survey headquarters survey | NHK News

Labor bureau surprises Dentsu, investigation → "Is not it unexpected that the video flows through breaking?" - Togetter Summary

UNESCO contribution money, the government protests against contribution contribution "Nanjing Massacre" document registration Protection of comfort women material registration - Sankei news

Request for surgeon's early release of "indecent act immediately after surgery", Tokyo Insurance Medical Association petitions - lawyer dot com

UN budget shortage of 123 billion yen Calls for payment of contributions to each country | NHK News

I think that "life is complete" Movement to approve suicide by the elderly 1 photograph in the Netherlands International News: AFPBB News

Urban arrested Soap manager enrolled in AV actress Tokyo, Yoshiwara's popular store, billion sales - Kyodo News 47 NEWS

Seven deaths fire at the aged facilities, not guilty to the operator Sapporo District Court: Asahi Newspaper Digital

Bird of art work, 20 birds managed, dying, escape: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Do you sell to over 100 people arrested for possession of illegal air gun? | NHK News

"Mr. Ishihara answers that it is not in memory" Question in Toyosu problem Governor Koike: Asahi Shimbun Digital

How do you change your way of working? Challenge the Tokyo Metropolitan Government "zero overtime work, 8 o'clock departure at 8 pm": Asahi Shimbun Digital

400 million yen at horse race, accusing tax evasion suspect allegedly Neyagawa-shi prefecture manager without declaration: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Chief Cabinet Secretary "Japan is a Legal Government" Ken Okaagi Prefectural Governor | NHK News


The state-of-the-art stealth destroyer "Zhumwart" US forces first public | NHK News

Mr. Trump is "Shameless" Mrs. Michelle, a woman criticizing a statement of contempt for women 1 photo International news: AFPBB News

【Movie】 Samsung made smaho suddenly white smoke blowing moment | NHK News

Samsung 'Note 7' related loss, expected to increase by about 310 billion yen 1 photo International news: AFPBB News

N700 series to the US? JR Tokai's subsidiary, Texas Shinkansen Planning Technical Support | Riding News

NHK News on Thursday Exceptional Thai King's Death

【Thai King's Death】 The Crown Prince who is the successor to the throne is also quite rude but also rumors are too dangerous "Colle is akan" "Setting is just like a cartoon" - Togetter Summary

【Photo feature】 Thailand citizens pictures mourning King Bhumibol's death 20 international news: AFPBB News

Thai King's death, evening entertainment district also mourning with sales mercy 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Salary for national civil servants · Bonus to raise for the third consecutive year | NHK News

Six months after the Kumamoto earthquake, sacrifice 110 people Disaster-affected houses are not dismantled: Asahi Shimbun Digital

There are no Buraku discrimination in Tokyo? - BURAKU HERITAGE 's Challenge to Visualize Invisible Discrimination / Tamifen Kamikawa / BURAKU HERITAGE Member | SYNODOS - SYNODOS -

Fiscal support for marriage support measures of 100 million active-phase companies and organizations | NHK News

"Sandbags" loaded by the Self-Defense Forces are too artistic to talk about "Is it completely Ishigaki?" "What's going on?" - Togetter Summary

Restoring fighter "Hayan" = in commemoration of 120 years of founding - Kawasaki Heavy Industries: current affairs dot com

KEN OKUYAMA shows a one-off supercar "kode 57 Enji" (35292) - webCG

No. 372: Ichi ride on a famous car such as "Subaru 360"! Learn the history of making Subaru's car (Part 2) (35264) - webCG

The red curve is beautiful. A new government exclusive use machine "B777-300ER" will be showcased for the first time after painting | sorae.jp: portal site to the universe (Sora)

【Video】 Malicious truck driver running on highway using two mobile phones with both hands caught - Autoblog Japan version

"Extinction" sighting information of Jose Kokai Dolphin, China | National Geographic Japan Edition site

"Multi Door Compatible Home Door (anywhere door ®)" Demonstration Experiment will begin on October 24 at Miura Coastal Station on Keikyu Kurihama Line | 2016 | News Release | Corporate · IR Information | 【KEIKYU WEB】 Keikyu Railway Official site

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Apple development base to complete in Yokohama in December | NHK News

【IMPORTANT】 Notice of termination of Mazuzu service | Mazutui developer blog

"Matsuzui" terminated service in the middle of December, that Garaka people realize change of the times - Togetter Summary

Affiliate Pitfall Why does WEB media get out of handling advertisements? Menhera.

In fact, even in the case of the "penny auction fraud case", not only the entertainer bloggers including Hoshino Aki and Kumada Yoko, but also large scale web media such as Gadget Communications, Saizo Woman, Nikkan Saisei, kotaku JAPAN, Gizmodo Japan, etc. are involved in the promotion I have done it (from wikipedia).

Of course it would not have helped the PR knowing all of the fraudulent structure, but maybe there was some recognition of being a "dubious item". Still, I got my hands out.

Amazon ElastiCache for Redis Update? Sharded Cluster addition and update engine version? | Amazon Web Services Blog

Prefecture site sent 500,000 mails illegal access damage | Nihonkai newspaper Net Nihonkai

Final, 450,000 yen titanium earphone modeled with 3D printer "LAB II" - Phile-web

For sale limited to 200 units worldwide, the price is 453,600 yen (including tax).

"Hair growth effect on plasma clusters" Sharp demonstrates - ITmedia News

Kill two soldiers at ISIS drone, Iraq Install explosive on commercial products | sorae.jp: Portal site to the universe (Sora)

JR Nippon Express car rental car appeared for a limited time "Azusa" 50th anniversary commemoration | Riding News

Huawei achieved a new breakthrough in 5G with channel coding technology using Polar code

Launched 2000 lm type of spotlight type projector "Space Player" | Press Releases | Panasonic Newsroom Japan

Release of the premium compact "RX 100 V" that realizes the world's fastest 0.05 second fast AF and AF / AE following 24 frames / second high-speed continuous shooting | Press Release | Sony

First release of XYZ Printing, Customized Model of 3D Printer, World's First 3D Printer Flat-Rate Service "Lakutuku" Dedicated "Da Vinci 1.0 Pro" Rakutsuk "Edition" Announced | News Releases | XYZ Printing of 3D Printers

(PDF)About launching smartphone application "Musashino Bank Application" - Japan's first! Cooperation with online household account book service Zaim ~

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
"Tabirase! Nightingale" 【Monst Animation Official】 - YouTube

Annotation of a Japanese dictionary compiler, Hiroaki Iima "Knitting a boat" Commentary on commentary - Togetter Summary

【PDF file】Kodansha has reached a basic agreement on the share transfer agreement with Ikusyo Co., Ltd. We will report that we will acquire all shares of Ikusha and turn it into a wholly owned subsidiary.

Game impressions / evaluation summary @ 2 ch: 【PSVR】 PlayStation VR impression / evaluation summary

41: Anonymous ┃] ┃ Dolby 2016/10/13 (Thursday) 16: 28: 53.93 ID: nsMhBlqo0.net
Oh yeah yeah!
Vr If the hand is brought close to the light ball on the menu screen of the world demo, the hand is slightly hot ... If it is a cross it is a phenomenon ... I was impressed

PlayStation VR finally released! Reports on purchase one after another overseas 【Reactions abroad】: Overseas reaction

Full satisfaction surpasses the previous previous life and people who follow the situation that they are ranked first in single ranking - Togetter Summary

"Love dance" full ver. Periodic release only !! + Preview video 10/18 (Tue) "Run away is shameful but useful" 【TBS】 - YouTube

Mini 4WD scale collaborated with Tamiya "KD-192-TM" released on October 17th | Press Release | Tanita

(PDF)Launched PC game rental business GEO HD group GEO and ACIS, spring 2017

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
Sense of talk of suspicion of illegal chess - ← Shishi →

The game of Mr. Kuzu Miura's suspicion of smuggling illegal use, the game of Tamaru's Dragon King says in Yomiuri: Tamaru Noboru Official blog and gold side walk

The discipline of Hariril Kiyoshi Takehiro overcame it. What is "the path of attack" indicated by freedom? - Japan national football team - Number Web - number

"Haori's soccer top down does not feel like touching a lot of balls, and in that it's the only way to figure out how to make a rhythm, move it out, keep going out and moving, I was thinking pretty well and playing.

You can also see the director's idea. But I also want to touch the ball, I feel like to make a rhythm. Be patient, patience, drop it, wait. The director is asking for dropping it and running behind. When doing it, the number of ball touch is reduced and there are also images of yourself. In such circumstances, there are parts that I am playing while thinking about trial and error.

But today I could play a little freely while keeping such discipline. (Kagawa) Shinji-san told me "I should relax" before the game. That made me switch my mind and I was able to stretch out and play. "

[Overseas football] FC Cologne Yuya Osako "Why could you establish the status of FW in Germany?"

10: Samurai 24: 2016/10/13 (Thursday) 21: 28: 49.86 ID: lfkjp2vF0
Because he was brought to the Bayern opponent ball, he himself would be fun and can not be helped

◆ U generation ◆ Dedicated paper selection "5 Shinto Children" from Japan Kubo Hirihide & Nakai Takedo!

"Call Bob Dylan" Nobel Prize contacted: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The Swedish Academy got a contact manager's contact information about two and a half hours after the announcement, but said he could not speak directly as "sleeping" (Sara Danius secretary general).

Takuro Yoshida "Today is because Bob Dylan was there" | NHK News

Do not talk about literary awards at the first live after Dylan's awards | NHK News

Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize for Literature Award, President Obama, Springsteen, Mick Jagger, Tom Waits etc announce a blessing message - amass

Disk brake road race trial restarted from 2017 UCI announced | cyclowired

The main characters of the film "Waines World" do not talk about Queen "Bohemian Rhapsody" Suspended car to auction - amass

[WEC] Porsche Mark Weber, retiring this season at the end | Response (Response.jp)

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"Drinking cheese

A wide model appears in the new product "OTONA RANDSEL". / Tsuchiya Baggage Factory

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