The possibility that in the future it will be a substitute for a password that "the brain's reaction whenever a photograph of a famous person is always the same"


It is well known that biometric authentication uses fingerprints, irises and veins, but in reality, one brain seems to show 100% same response when looking at celebrity pictures, so if this can be used instead of a password It is thought that it is not.

IEEE Xplore Document - CEREBRE: A Novel Method for Very High Accuracy Event-Related Potential Biometric Identification

Your brain's reaction to celeb pics may create the most secure form of ID | Ars Technica

Maria V. Ruiz-Blondet of the State University of New York at Binghamton observed reactions showing "food", "celebrities", "photographs of words" against 50 subjects aged 18 to 43 . As a result, the response of each person is different, for example, in the reaction when showing a picture to one person, since the first few milliseconds show the same and unique reaction each time, which one is who I understood that it is possible to distinguish between reactions.

Efforts to think that brain function can be used for biometric authentication itself has been done for a long time but research so far makes keys based on brain waves based on brain waves when resting, certain memories, specific things In the idea that the data fluctuation range is too large, it seems that you had a problem that you can not identify the password generator exactly.

The "pictures of food and celebrities" used in this experiment were those used to think that there is something that can bring out people's reaction more straightforwardly. As a result, even if the subject intentionally tried to change the reaction, it was found that it is an inherent pattern for several milliseconds to start reacting, data that can identify individuals with 100% accuracy can be obtained He said that.

A fingerprint known as a representative of biometrics can be copied, but this brain's reaction pattern can not be copied. Therefore, it is expected to be useful as a source of "password".

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