Five short clips of live-action movie version "Ghost in The Shell" are released

Five short clips of the movie "Ghost in the Shell" which Scarlet · Johansson plays "Major (Kusanagi Element)" have been released at a stretch. Although each length is as short as 10 seconds, what kind of atmosphere the work has become somewhat like being conveyed.

Ghost In The Shell (2017) - # 1 - Paramount Pictures - YouTube

What comes out in the first movie ......

Kimono female type prosthetic body. "Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX"Android geisha that appeared in the first episode and the movie" Innocence "reminiscent.

Ghost In The Shell (2017) - # 2 - Paramount Pictures - YouTube

The second one awakens in the room, the figure of Major who pulls out the plug from the neck.

Ghost In The Shell (2017) - # 3 - Paramount Pictures - YouTube

The third one is a scene where Major is facing a woman.

Ghost In The Shell (2017) - # 4 - Paramount Pictures - YouTube

Aramaki Daisuke who plays Beat Takeshi in the fourth one appeared.

Speaking of Aramaki, it is an image waving his arms so that the Major can move freely, but this Aramaki seems to shoot someone with a gun.

Ghost In The Shell (2017) - # 5 - Paramount Pictures - YouTube

And the fifth one, where the Major infiltrated ... ...

The monks are gathered in one place and seems to be connecting somewhere.

The figure of Public Safety Section 9 members excluding Major has not appeared yet. What on earth will be the story?

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