Obviously the sugar industry had acquired scientists to seize the negative image on sugar

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"Increasing sugar intake raises the risk of heart disease" has become widely known at the present time, but only a few decades ago it is thought that "intake of fat raises the risk of heart disease" It was. It is not the "mistake in research" that caused this misunderstanding, it seems that it was pressure from the sugar industry that "I do not want you to have a bad image on sugar".

Sugar industry bought off scientists, skewed dietary guidelines for decades | Ars Technica

In the last 50 years, the health risks of sweet candies such as sugar have been misunderstood as being exclusively fat danger, due to scientists bought by gold and scientific articles twisted in content over the last 50 years. And it is no exaggeration to say that the "low-fat and high-sugar diet" that was prevalent by this misunderstanding formed the present obesity society. Researchers at the University of California San Francisco have found an amazing fact to prove the bad connection between such industry associations and researchers from the archival documents of the Sugar Research Foundation (the current sugar association).

"The documents we have found from these archives, the analysis we have done so far, and the claims by the current sugar association, all of which show the relationship between sucrose and heart disease," said the University of California One of the researchers at San Francisco. Thus, despite the fact that research has shown the relationship between sugar and heart disease for a long time, these facts have been transmitted in a curved state for a long time. The sugar association who received the indication announced a statement and apologizes "I should have secured transparency in all research activities."

Serve as a professor of nutrition at New York UniversityMarion · Nessle"It was a well-known fact that this incident of 50 years (the bad research results on sugar and others was hidden) was a well-known fact, but it is very important that this was revealed again," he said. In addition, researchers at Nestle and the University of California San Francisco said, "The involvement of the sugar industry had a major impact on the nutritional research's judgment that sugar and fat are the cause of coronary heart disease," I am insisting.

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In the study of sugar from the 1950's to the early 1960's, there is data that supports low-fat and high-sugar diet greatly increases the body's cholesterol level. However, the sugar industry will put pressure on these research results.

According to the document, the Sugar Research Foundation sought a help from sugar research by Mr. Fredrik Steer, who was president of the Department of Nutrition at Harvard University. In addition, Mr. Steer was a member of the departmentMark · HegsteadWe will bring Mr. Robert McGuanti to the Sugar Research Foundation. Started with Mr. Hegsted and McGuanty led by Mr. Steaer as the director of the research project "Project 226". The project will neglect the relationship between sugar and heart disease, and will publish multiple survey results that saturated fat will adversely affect the human body more than sugar. And furthermore, according to the clarified this time, scientists involved in the research by publishing these findings received a total of 6,500 dollars, estimated at the present rate estimated at 48,800 dollars (about 5 million yen) It is said that.

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A paper co-authored by Mr. Hegstead and McGuanti, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, disregarded the results of research on sugar and claimed that fat is a major cause of heart disease. Furthermore, the conclusion is that reducing the intake of saturated fats reduces the incidence of heart disease "there is no doubt".

Even after these research results were announced, funds were provided to solve the relationship between sugar and cardiac disease and other diseases to sugar from the sugar industry to researchers. However, according to Mr. Hegstead and McGuanti's previous research, until 1980 's, most scientists have not been looking at the role of sugar in heart disease. Indeed, in 1980 published "Dietary guidelines for Americans", it seems that "to refrain from ingesting fat and dietary cholesterol" to prevent heart disease.

Ars Technica wrote that these are things to keep in mind as a potential harm of the mechanism that a specific industry provides research funding.

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