Why does it hurt so much when you cut your finger with paper?

Everyone has the experience of cutting fingers with books and paper breaks, but at the same time as the sharpness of the paper, the pain is sometimes surprised. The BBC considers why it is so painful to cut your finger with paper.

BBC - Future - Why paper cuts hurt so much

There are few studies that seriously examined the cause of "Why does it hurt so much when cutting fingers with paper?" For this reason, Mr. Johnson G. Goldman of BBC said that the act of intentionally letting the subject experience the irritating pain intentionally is like a kind of torture, and both researchers and subjects are scolded We are making bold expectations that it will be because of it.

There is no research about the mystery of pain when cutting fingers with paper, but according to Dr. Haley Goldbach, University of California Los Angeles, this mystery can be explained with knowledge of human anatomy. According to Goldbach doctor, human fingertips have many nerves, there are many receptors that feel pain. Thanks to many nerves gathered at the fingertips, it has evolved to judge by human beings touching the shape of things, and it has become possible to perform delicate work, but on the other hand, if you scratch your fingertips and give brains The stimulus will always be sent and you will feel pain compared to other parts.

Furthermore, it can be said that the shape of the edge of the paper also has a cause. As the end of the paper is enlarged with a microscope, it has a sharp cross section like a razor, and because of this shape it reaches the inner part of the fingertip with nerves beyond the uppermost part of the skin without nerve, so the pain It seems to feel. In addition, when Google search is done, there seems to be a theory that "the pain is doubled by the bacteria attached to the paper", but after being wounded with paper, I cut my fingers from the speed at which the bacteria spread Mr. Goldman thinks that this theory is not valid as it can not explain the pain that begins immediately.

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