"The French Number" which allows a conversation with a Frenchman to be connected randomly

Although it has come to be connected to the majority of the world on the net, it is sometimes that the real feeling does not rise by the way across the net. Meanwhile, when I call a phone number, the phone is connected randomly to a real Frenchman and the service that I can talk about French and France is "The French Number"is.

The French Number - Get connected to a random French and talk about anything

The French Number calls a telephone number "+33 176 498 498" dedicated to the service, from which the phone actually connects to the French in France. You can see what you can do with the following movie.

The French Number | +33 176 498 498 (en) - YouTube

"The French Number is the ultimate French way of learning that" If you want to know about France, there is no better way than asking French people. "

It's about French delicious food ....

Luxury fashion "Haute coutureFrench people are the best to ask about.

We should also ask French about cheese and wine.

The French Number is a direct phone call to a Frenchman who was randomly chosen when making a phone call. Although it is "random", in fact, the point is that French people who have registered for service in advance have a phone call, so it is not a point to call them indiscriminately.

The other Frenchman is a person who lives in various places in France.

All these French people are registered with the service because they all love France. It is OK to ask anything about France

Only as far as "I do not need such a guide book anymore!"

I burned with Melamella with a fire on a match. A movie that felt quite Frenchness around sometimes carrying out intense presentation with French.

The French Number can be used only by calling "+33 176 498 498" including the French country code.

"Please call The French Number right now ... Otherwise ..."

"Turn your neck like this ..."

"I will slash away with Ston, I guess French bread is guilty," as Frenchman did in 1787. " "1787" is the very year that the French people raise up and the "French Revolution" took place, as Marie Antoinette said that "if you do not have bread you can eat cake (brioche)" Black humor that guillotines the bread was intense movie.

On the site of The French Number, the details of the service are detailed in the FAQ format. This service is being offered through the development of French environmental resources "Atout FranceIt is a French media company belonging to a member of Ato France (France Tourism Development Organization). The partner who answers the phone is a real French registered with a dedicated application, but there is also freedom to say beforehand that "depending on the time you are busy with" rendez-vous galant "(you can not answer the phone) It might be that it is unique in France.

In the page, display such as the number of hours actually used is also displayed. As it is an international call to France, it really seems to be a serious thing to make an international call from Japan, but in such a case it seems that if you use a service such as LINE OUT it will be possible to drastically reduce calling charges .

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