Pokemon Domino using more than 14,000 dominoes is a masterpiece

On September 1, 2016Softbank signs a partnership agreement with Pokemon GOAs I announced, Pokemon GO is still attracting a lot of attention. Domino movie that expresses the first Pokemon that appears in such Pokemon GO "Kanto Starters "Pokemon of the Month In 14, 146 Dominoes""Is published on YouTube.

Kanto Starters "Pokemon of the Month In 14, 146 Dominoes" - YouTube

First check the condition before defeating Domino.

We line dominoes of various colors and shapes.

Besides that, Fusidigane that appears in the original Pokemon using Domino ......

A human lizard

Three body turtles, so-calledTho Three HouseAlso reproduced.

Furthermore, three-dimensional objects of monster ball color are in the back of the turtle. How is this going to fall down?

The total number of dominoes used was 14,446.

That's why I will defeat Domino at once. The toe rises slowly at the bottom right of the screen, just as it is to defeat the first Domino.

Domino which collapses with patapata. Different dominoes of large and small sizes are skillfully arranged ... ...

Domino goes down in a linear fashion.

"Bulbasaur" which is the English name of Fusidigane and Fushidigane expressed in Domino collapse at the same time.

Next is "Turn of a lizard" "Charmander".

There is a monster ball between Domino, which also plays the role of Domino.

A human lizard after Domino fell.

The last one is "Squirtle".

Domino is continuing further from the upper left part of the turtle ... ...

At the end I am on the domino tower of monster ball color.

This tower is all made up of domino and it will collapse from the top.

Domino ends when all three-dimensional objects collapse.

The "DomotoKing" which released this domino movie had published numerous domino movies including various characters and dominoes of movies such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, Splatoon and Star Wars It was.

TheDominoKing - YouTube

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