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The things currently thought to be nonscientific such as "immortality immortality" "stone of wise men" or "alchemy" have been seriously studied all over the world. Illustrations and illustrations of materials that can be glimpsed of research at the timeInternet ArchiveIt is open to the public, and you can see very clearly what kind of alchemy at the time was when viewing multiple images.

The Surreal Art of Alchemical Diagrams | The Public Domain Review

Illustrations related to alchemy by saying from the following. From the numbers assigned to each imageInternet ArchiveYaWellcome ImagesYou can jump to the website such as browsing and downloading high resolution images.

An illustration of a work named "Hermes Vase". "Hermes" of the title is a legendary alchemist fused with Hermes god of Greek mythology and Toto God of Egyptian mythHermes TrismegistosIt is thought that it points to. Symbols of alchemy, such as the sun, moon, woman, lion, broken limbs and dragons, are scattered around.

CherubimWhile the wind blows, the following situation where two men have a red robe is just alchemy. In the water there is an alchemistMercury(Hermes Trismegistos).

One page in 'Thesaurus of Alchemy' (Alchemy dictionary) which depicts Lion which is a symbol of alchemy and peacock which revives from death.

This is also one page in "Alchemy Dictionary". Religious colors such as a snake that sparks a flame, angels and devils are appearing.

From German alchemy books published in 1582. Birds with three heads are drawn between the earth and the heavenly world where conflict broke out.

An illustration recorded in the same alchemy journal as above, what is named "black sun". "The sun can be eaten by a lion" or "solar eclipse" is treated as a symbol of alchemy, but "black sun" seems to mean a solar eclipse.

This also shows a solar eclipse, people lying on feathers of peacock, dead birds, etc. It seems that the state before the resurrection is drawn.

The atmosphere is slightly different from others, but this is also an illustration on alchemy. In the process of alchemy it seems that there are many cases where appearance of such union / embrace is drawn.

An illustration of alchemy papers written in the 15th century in Germany or Austria as well as above.

An illustration of alchemy books published in Italy in the 18th century Italy.

Illustration of alchemy drawn in the 17th century. This also depicts angels and the embraces of men and women.

A snake or a dragon that eats his tail is a symbol of "death and regeneration", "immortality and death"UroborosIt is called.

Alchemist born in GermanySolomon TrismodineFrom the book "Golden Wool". Trismodine travels throughout Europe and is said to have completed longevity with rejuvenating medicine made by himself.

One piece with a skyful flying horse drawn.

Federico · Gardi wrote "Hermes documentIllustration of a work named. Hermes document refers to the generic name of literature manuscripts of mystical ancient thought.

A piece that is depicting a microcosm of the universe, such as the earth and 12 constellations, a woman who has a child in her stomach.

The letter "antichrist", the planet symbol of Mercury inverted with Venus is drawn. Planetary symbols are commonly used in alchemy, the planet symbol of Venus symbolizes copper, Mercury's planet symbol is mercurySymbolic pattern.

Hexagonal starHas been used as a symbol of amulet in the West since ancient times, in alchemy is "a wise man's stone"SymbolicThat's right.

Seven arms, six hexagonal stars, works with trees such as fruit are drawn.

There was also a simple illustration that only two flasks were drawn. According to Wikipedia, "When putting human semen into a still and sealing it for 40 days, things that are not transparent and human-shaped substances will appear, plus human blood every day, equivalent to the womb's womb Keep it warm at the temperature of 40 ℃ for an extended period of time. "Android made by alchemy"HomunculusThere seems to be a theory that it can survive only in the flask.

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