Surprising laser cleaner that irradiates laser light and drops metal rust without attaching a single scratch

A Belgian company "P-Laser"Laser Cleaner developed by a laser is a magical cleaner that can remove dirt momentarily without touching at all by hitting a laser with high energy to the object.

Laser Cleaning: HIGH POWER 1000 W! - YouTube

A band of light coming closer to you from the other side of the screen with the sound "Bali Bali". The iron plate that is hit by light is covered with reddish brown rust.

After the light passed through, the surface regains its original radiance.

The cause of the light is apparently due to the heating of the removed rust. You can see how things like fine particles are being bounced up.

Like this, iron parts covered entirely by rust ....

Just doing "Barbari Bali", rust is dropped as funny. What I am using is a laser irradiation device that can be easily carried by hand, and this device seems to be a type with laser output of 1 kW (1000 watt).

In addition to having it in hand, it can also be mounted on an NC machine and can be operated automatically.

I understand clearly the difference between the rust part and the part where rust is removed.

Even a part that seems to want to throw it away because it is too rusty will be resurrected like a brand new machine.

The device will help not only the rust but also paint removal. Even parts that are thickly painted on the surface and even rust is floating ... ....

In the moment the irradiation with the laser exposes the metal's surface to the state.

It seems that the processed surface is completely new. Because it does not melt the surface with a solvent or rub with a brush, it is a great merit that no scratch is totally applied to the substrate.

P-Laser which developed this equipment has line-up of multiple types of laser cleaners according to usage and scale.

P-Laser Industrial Laser Cleaning: degreasing, mould cleaning, anilox roller cleaning, selective paint stripping, removing oxide layers, car restauration

The mechanism by which the dirt falls is as shown in the figure below. High temperature plasma is generated by irradiating dirt, rust, paint on metal surface with laser pulse at high speed of 200,000 times per second. With that heat, the substance is evaporated and flashed in a flash. At this time, since the metal reflects the laser, the temperature hardly rises, but only the surface is oxidized by the heat of the plasma and there is an effect to make a kind of film.

By not scratching the material at all, the application expands all at once. For example, the surface of a mold that makes a glass bottle also looks beautiful in this moment like this. Although the surface disorder is directly transferred to the product as it is, the mold can remove only the dirt without worry of scratching by using this device.

Laser cleaning: Rust removal (2) - YouTube

Moreover, there is no influence on the human body at all. Even if your finger accidentally hits the finger during work, you can see how it does not affect at all like the following movie.

Laser cleaning: Rust removal

Painting and dirt on the surface of the engine block, as well as removal of fats and oils are possible.

Motor Block Cleaning - YouTube

It is also possible to remove dirt on the metal surface oxidized by welding or the like. About 30 seconds of the following movie, it shows how to remove welding marks of round saw.

Laser Cleaning by P-laser - YouTube

Besides this, it is possible to use it for cleaning stone statues that have become dirty. Although it is a laser cleaner of P-Laser which seems to be a little hurd to use for home use, once you want to clean the microwave oven with this device.

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