A hospital that uses Google's artificial intelligence "DeepMind" to treat cancer

ByDavid Stillman

There is an increasing movement to make artificial intelligence developed by IT companies useful for medical care. Google's acquired artificial intelligence start-up "DeepMind" announced that it will partner with London University Hospital in the UK to incorporate machine learning with its artificial intelligence to treat cancer.

Applying machine learning to radiotherapy planning for head & neck cancer | Health | Google Deep Mind

Deep Mind 's machine learning was adopted to treat head and neck cancers in the head and neck. One of the head and neck cancers oral cavity cancer is a disease said to develop on 1 in 75 men and 1 in 150 females.

ByRob Campbell

In the treatment of head and neck cancer, radiotherapy which irradiates and destroys cancer cells may be used, but because there is healthy tissue around the cancer cell, the doctor is able to decide which part of the radiation, which From the direction you need to carefully plan how much you want to irradiate and how many times to irradiate. When preparing a treatment plan, I input images and data of cancer cell surrounding tissues to radiotherapy equipment and analyze it, but with current technology it takes about 4 hours on average to make a treatment plan Thing. Especially, it seems that it is very difficult for doctors to prepare treatment plan for nasal cavity cancer whose structure is complicated.

However, if you can analyze 700 cases in the past using artificial intelligence and support the creation of radiotherapy planning efficiently using machine learning, it will be possible to reduce the time taken to create a treatment plan to about one hour I can do it. The decision making power of the treatment plan, such as which part to irradiate, is not the artificial intelligence but the doctor.

ByLiz west

Dr. Yen Chin Chan, a radiologist at the London University Hospital, said, "By automatically distinguishing between tissues in which machine learning is committed by cancer cells and healthy tissues and shortening the time for preparation of treatment plan, radiation therapy He can devote the extra time to patient care and research, "he said positively to introduce artificial intelligence.

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