The identity of a lawyer who defends the anonymous hacker group "Anonymous"

"anonymousSpeaking of the terrorist organization "Muslim country (ISIS)" who claims to be the mastermind of simultaneous multiple terrorism in the French capital, ParisDeclaration of war, And under the name of "an uprising to a corrupt, worldwide bank bank carton"Down bank servers etc around the worldLet me say,HactivismIt is a group of hackers embodying. Such "an existence protecting anonymous" seems to enter the United States, and that unknown actual situationGreat Big StoryIt is pursuing.

Better Call Jay: Meet the Lawyer Who Defends Anonymous - YouTube

Many people have heard of the name "Anonymous". Its identity is a group of hacktivists who conduct activities to promote social and political change on the Internet. Even such anonymous, you may need a lawyer. That, too, is a very good army lawyer.

In Ventura, California, USA, there is "a superb attractive lawyer".

His name is "Jay Raiderman" and the Great Big Story says that he seems to be "a very common man" as a comment when I first met him.

However, Raiderman sitting in front of the computer becomes a person far from general.

"I am playing the role of defending when an anonymous member or a hacker belonging to a related group of Anonymous is charged," said Raiderman, who talks about his role.

Raiderman is a lawyer specialized in criminal law,JAY LEIDERMAN LAWI am managing a law firm office.

Why did such a person become an anonymous lawyer?

Mr. RaidermanProbonoAs part of it, he gave legal advice to multiple users on Twitter.

I was watching Raiderman's activity ... ...

Commander XPeople. He is one of the famous members of Anonymous, and one day Raiderman says that he received an email from such a person.

According to Raiderman, "Commander X became one of the first anonymous members I defended, and Commander X felt that I was on his side, after that it was unilaterally anonymous I began using me like a dedicated lawyer, "revealing that it became a lawyer to protect Anonymous since receiving e-mail for the first time.

How you communicate with Raiderman and Anonymous seems to have an encrypted dedicated chat program.

Raiderman actually chatting with members of Anonymous.

About this communication means Raiderman says, "Perhaps,NSAI will be able to intercept my way of communication. However, even if someone comes in contact with me, I do not know who the conversation is. "

Raiderman says that the most difficult point in defending Anonymous is that it is necessary to defend on the basis of the digital law established several decades ago. That "digital law enacted several decades ago"Computer Fraud and Abuse Act(CFAA).

Raiderman says, "I assume I exposed my friend's Netflix account password on the net,Federal crimeIt will fall under this category. The punishment of this CFAA is too heavy, CFAA is obviously a bankrupt law. I hope that continuing pursuing these cases in the court will help Hactibist, "he said. He is a policy to continue supporting Anonymous that started from Proboro activities I am clarifying.

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