Internet controlled by the United States under the control of non-profit organizations

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There was a fact that the Internet was under the control of the US government for a long time, but this situation was resolved at the end of September 2016, and from 1 October 2016, an international nonprofit organization ICANN We will manage it.

US ready to 'hand over' the internet's naming system - BBC News

Every computer connected to the Internet has an IP address indicated by four digits of three digits (IPv4It is possible to connect if you know the IP address of the other party. However, it is difficult to memorize a total of 12 random digits in total, so it is more convenient to handle it like "" ""Domain nameIs set,DNSIf the system called ", you can access the IP address ***. ***. ***. *** OK" will be told, so you can connect the computer to the target.

This "domain" and "IP address", etc. that manage the information resources of the Internet are "ICANN"is.

Originally the Internet was developed based on "ARPANET" made by the Department of Defense contribution as a network connecting computers of universities and laboratories in the 1960s. To manage and operate information resources, Professor John Postel of the Institute of Information Science at the University of Southern California University in 1988 focused onIANAThe organization was created, but in 1998 its function was transferred to ICANN, an international nonprofit organization, and IANA will be reorganized into its administrative department.

However, it is widely known that ICANN has strong ties with the US Department of Commerce even if it is an international nonprofit organization, and virtually, the Internet is in a state that the United States dominates the Internet, and China and Russia And other countries around the world caused a rebound.

To make that improvement, in 2009, ICANN announced "independence" from the US Department of Commerce and a "contract is not managed by any single entity" was announced.

Agreement on ICANN 's new obligation told by CEO - ICANN

Furthermore, in 2014, the US Telecommunications Information Bureau announced that "I have signed a contract with ICANN to manage the IANA department from 1999, but will end this in September 2015."

U.S. government pulls out of ICANN | PCWorld

However, this schedule is to be shifted backward by the speculation of each country. In the "ICANN Marrakesh Meeting" held in March 2016, unless agreement of government officials of each country was obtained, everything was going to be water bubbles, but as agreement was got without any success, management of the Internet will be conducted in 2016 10 It was decided to be left to the hands of "ICANN" from the moon.

Increase repulsion from each country to the end of US domination of the Internet, transfer management work to non-profit organizations (1/4 page) - SankeiBiz (Sankei Biz)

Regarding the management of DNS, it seems that it was made if the United States wanted to maintain its influence, but mainly in China and Russia, the United NationsInternational Telecommunications UnionThere was pressure to let management delegate to management, and the United States used power not to be the United Nations, but to force ICANN to manage.

Although major changes that the general user feels may not occur soon, professor Alain Woodward at Surrey University says, "The Internet that was managed by one state is managed by multiple stakeholders It became the Internet which is a big change, "he says, and perhaps it may come up with a part that shows another form than before.

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