"EVEREST VR" play review that you can experience the harsh Everest climb that is beautiful at home

Using the hand controller of the VR headset "HTC Vive", joining the climbing team of that Everest mountain range without staying at home, climbing the ladder with the harsh snowy mountain dancing, using the Pickle and the carabiner a pretty real mountaineering experience Enable VR game "EVEREST VRI tried to play. NVIDIA is developing cooperation and it is possible to experience a terrible immersion in a beautiful graphic that can fully demonstrate the performance of NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 1080 and other graphic boards.


You can understand what kind of game EVEREST VR is like by seeing the following movie.

"EVEREST VR" that you can experience Everest climb in the room is like this - YouTube

◆ EVEREST VR Tutorial
When you start EVEREST VR, you will see a place like the diorama of the Mount Everest. This is the main menu, and there are several climbing points that you can play in the game.

At first, points other than "Basecamp (Base Camp)" are locked and can not play. First you can start the game from the beginning by hitting the beam emitted from the controller against the circle of the base camp and pressing the trigger.

The base camp chapter begins with a tutorial. The "trigger" of the controller operated with the index finger can grab something when you press it, and you can release what you are grasping when you release it.

When you press "trackpad" in thumbs ... ...

"Move beam" is output from the controller. While holding down the trackpad, hit the beam where you want to move and release the trackpad to move it instantaneously to that place.

As you push the button and advance the tutorial, Pickel appears in front of you. Take a hand (controller) near Pickel and press the trigger button ......

I was able to have Pickel. As long as you hold down the trigger, you can shake while holding the picker, and you can throw if you release the trigger.

Next time there are two ropes appearing in front of you. Grasp the assembler (sliding instrument) installed on the rope with both hands.

As you slide alternately between the assemblers, the legs are not actually moved, but they will move forward in the game.

As a lifeline, two ropes are fixed with a carabiner from the waist.

Remove one carabiner out of them ... ...

Install the carabiner on the way forward. Even if the scaffolding collapses, it seems that you can not slide down.

This is a ladder tutorial. Grasp the ladder to climb the ladder in reality ......

If you move forward alternately, it is not actually climbing up, but in the game the body goes up and you are attacked by the feeling that you are really climbing the ladder.

When a round icon appears on a person, it means that we can contact if you waving your hand. When you shake hands, actions such as returning hands are returned, and the story progresses. This concludes the tutorial.

◆ Walk through the base camp of Everest climbing team
When the tutorial is over, Everest-like scenery is displayed in the headset, but it is displayed on the cut screen in the virtual reality. "I guess you are such a graphic ... ...?"

The Everest mountain range was projected to the full field of vision. Images and movies are images of one eye of HTC Vive, but for those wearing HTC Vive the Everest mountain range spreads to all sight of 360 degrees.

Snowy scenery on one side even if it faces right behind.

Apparently it seems like a bird is flying over Everest, we can see the base camp. Because there is a distance to the ground, a person with a high fear may not be able to stand.

So we arrived at a base camp at an altitude of 5330 meters.

You can take whatever you like, such as cans on the side.

I think whether preparing for departure, I will lift the backpack. When grasping the backpack and turning it to the back, it disappears from the hand and the attached sound flows, and it seems that it can be installed.

I approached the helmet with touching on my head, and I heard the sound attached. You can see that very intuitive operation is possible.

I tried climbing spikes, but my feet are not tracked like a controller, so I do not know what to do.

I tried to put it on my feet but I did not seem to have anything in particular.

When I found the bowl and lifted it, I crumpled the crackers I had inside.

Operation such as picking up and returning it to original is also possible.

If you are in the play area, you can move by actually walking or crouching, but you can fly by moving beam.

Since I found Pickel, when I try to pierce it on the rock, "Kan" sounds, and it is attacked by the illusion that it really is in base camp.

I found a Frisbee so pick it up with a trigger button ......

I got over with a feeling of throwing a frisbee really and released the trigger button just in a good place, I hit the team mate in a nice manner.

As we go around looking around, the man calls me so if you reply by waving your hands, "base camp compilation" ends.

You can see how you are actually exploring the base camp from the following movies.

Explore the base camp with 'EVEREST VR' where you can experience Everest climb in the room - YouTube

◆ Khumbu Icefall (Cumbu ice waterfall)
Automatically from the base camp compilation Kumbu Ice Falls (Hyoutaku) edition of 5,500 meters in height started. In front of you is a ladder for passing through Crevasse (river's rift).

Fellows of the other side are said to be "catch the assender and believe it because it is safe" in English of catacombs.

I actually move forward as we grab the assembler and alternately slide ... ....

Even if you know the virtual reality it is considerableTamahyunPicture. Even though I know that there is actually a floor, I will slowly cross it.

The ladder was standing vertically at the place where I crossed.

The feeling of grasping the ladder with both hands and climbing is pretty real. As something "gogogogogo" and mysterious roaring sounds come to be heard ....

Suddenly snowed next to the ladder as suddenly.

A lot of ice falls far behind the crevasse, my heart will be tough.

Looking at the other side, I can see my friends, but despite all that happened, the extreme of indifference.

Although I do not fall down even if I release both hands with a ladder, I feel terror because I am in the air.

You can move freely and enjoy the view of Everest as you climb above. It is also good to taste the thrill by standing on the scaffold.

Especially, I will not react, but I am OK with my teammate and skin ship. When standing beside the character, I was able to taste the real feeling that "a tall foreigner is standing next to", which is considerably larger than himself with a height of 170 cm.

You can see the tense feeling scene challenging the Kumbu ice waterfall from the following movie.

Evestest climb experience in the room "EVEREST VR" climbing experience of horror Part 1 - YouTube

South Col (South Col)
When Southcol arrived at an altitude of 7,900 meters, the sight is pure white.

I saw that the snowstorm subsided and the sight was opened and I was camping.

Since the altitude is beyond the limit of human beings anymore, the teammate wears an oxygen mask.

Since one of the tents was open, we go inside.

Since you can not enter with a moving beam here, it really makes you feel like entering all fours in the room and you feel as if you are in a tent.

A thing like a fastener floated before a break.

As you can hear a voice from outside, you grab the chuck and open it ......

A starry sky full of everest at night.

I will breathe in overwhelming beautiful graphics.

◆ Hillary Step (Hillary Step)
Here is "Hillary Step" which is said to be the last difficult problem of Nepalese route. The altitude is 8800 meters, and it is the point just before the summit of 8848 meters.

It seems to cross the cliff which is only the width of the foot, and the carabiner is attached from the waist. I rely on the rope stuck along the wall and walk to the point on the other side and I will pass the carabiner.

Looking down looking like crab walking forward is like this. There is no life surely if it falls.

Succeeded to somehow set the carabiner at the destination point.

Next I will climb with ropes and assender to climb a steep cliff.

Looking just under is like this. While it is virtual reality, it is a point where you can feel the ruggedness that is unusual for Everest climb.

After climbing up, I can move freely, but a fine production has been done, such as coming later with my friends.

You can see how the Hillary Step is breaking through from the following movie.

Evestest climb experience in the room "EVEREST VR" climbing experience of horror Part 2 - YouTube

Ultimately the story mode ends at the top of the Mount Everest, and you can clear it in about 30 to 40 minutes. It may be unsatisfactory for heavy gamers because it will not die even if you make a mistake in something, but VR experiences that make full use of the performance of Vive when you play for the first time due to the number of actions that really move the body I was able to enjoy. Because there was no scene to use Pickle why, it may be added in future updates etc. In that case it will be no doubt that the degree of completeness of the game will be further improved if points with a high degree of difficulty are added.

In addition, EVEREST VR is on sale at 2480 yen by Steam.

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