A mechanical wooden puzzle book "Codex Silenda" which can not advance to the next page unless solving the puzzle

I made complicated mechanically tricky puzzles with wooden boards cut with a laser cutter and put together in book form so that the page could not be turned over unless the player solved the puzzle "Codex Silenda"is.

Codex Silenda: The Book of Puzzles by Brady Whitney - Kickstarter

This is Codex Silenda.

Codex Silenda is a puzzle book of all 5 pages, unless you solve the puzzle of each page, you can not proceed to the next page.

You can understand what kind of item Codex Silenda is by seeing the following movie.

It is Codex Silenda and the author Brady Whitney.

There is a problem with existing puzzles "There is no way to enjoy afterwards if you find a solution once." Also, in the puzzle market there is a tendency that "puzzles making complicated are too expensive, inexpensive puzzles are too simple", there are also "holes" in the market that there are not too many puzzles taking between the two. Therefore, "Codex Silenda" was created to solve these problems.

A puzzle is a mechanical trick. The basic actions for solving are "twisting" and "turning", which looks like a roubic cube, but unlike the rookbook cube, players need to figure out how to perceive things and to solve solutions And that. As you can see from the fact that it takes the form of "book", Codex Silenda also has a narrative element.Leonardo da VinciAlthough there was a test done at the workshop to see the skill of the disciples, Codex Silenda cleared the puzzle so that the player became a successor candidate and not get caught by the trap donuts of Da Vinci, and lurk in the mechanism It is said that it is a story of finding a secret.

Looking from the side it looks like this, it has 5 wooden puzzles properly bound.

Slide down the first page, the knob next to the circle at the center ...

The circle opens.

Furthermore, if you interfere with the mechanism in the circle ... ...

The page has opened.

Opening the front cover page 1 puzzle looks like this.

If you clear the puzzle on the 1st page, you can proceed to the 2nd page.

The third page.

It goes to the fourth page ... .... It is a set of five puzzles, cover and cover + 4 pages.

Codex Silenda is produced by combining parts cut with a laser cutter.

The details are as follows.

Codex Silenda is investing in Kickstarter, a cloud-funding platform for commercialization, with a target amount of 30,000 dollars (about 3 million yen), when the deadline is left 21 days, it is about 161,000 dollars We have succeeded in gathering more than 16 million yen). I was able to get Codex Silenda by making a contribution ... ... It was already planned that all investment funds are filled and to get productsContact from hereWe need to have it on the waiting list. Because Codex Silenda is assembled by hand by a small number of teams, we can not deal with large numbers of people at once, and it seems that no further investment will be expanded.

In addition, it is unknown what will happen to the price when it is placed on the waiting list or actually marketed, but on Kickstarter Codex Silenda will be 1 for a contribution of more than $ 55 (about 5500 yen) I was able to get one.

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